Scoring Summary


1stOlson singled to right, Acuña Jr. scored, Albies to third.01
1stHarris II reached on infield single to shortstop, Albies scored, Olson to second.02
3rdOzuna homered to left center (411 feet).03
3rdOlson homered to right (414 feet).04
3rdAcuña Jr. reached on infield single to second, Arcia scored, Kelenic to second, Short to third.05
5thMerrill grounded out to second, Machado scored.15
7thMerrill singled to center, Profar scored, Cronenworth to second.25
8thCronenworth singled to center, Kim scored and Tatis Jr. scored, Profar to second.45
8thMachado doubled to left, Cronenworth scored and Profar scored.65
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