Scoring Summary


1stSmith singled to right, Semien scored, Seager to third.10
2ndTaveras homered to center (437 feet).20
2ndMarsh singled to right, Bohm scored, Castellanos to third.21
2ndCastellanos scored, Marsh to second on caught stealing error by pitcher Dunning.22
3rdRealmuto homered to left (387 feet).23
4thSosa homered to right center (382 feet), Castellanos scored and Marsh scored.26
5thSmith singled to center, Semien scored, García to third.36
6thRealmuto singled to left, Castellanos scored and Rojas scored, Schwarber to second.38
6thBohm doubled to center, Schwarber scored and Realmuto scored, Harper to third.310
7thSeager homered to left center (401 feet).410
8thHarper homered to right (393 feet).411
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