Scoring Summary


1stO'Neill doubled to left, Duran scored.01
1stWong singled to center, O'Neill scored, Devers to second.02
1stWestbrook doubled to left, Devers scored, Wong to third.03
2ndLeMahieu singled to center, Stanton scored and Rizzo scored.23
2ndDevers doubled to center, O'Neill scored and Refsnyder scored.25
7thSoto homered to center (392 feet).35
7thValdez singled to center, Yoshida scored.36
8thLeMahieu grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Rizzo scored, Jones out at second, Torres to third.46
8thDuran singled to center, Rafaela scored, Duran to second.47
8thDuran scored on pickoff error by catcher Trevino.48
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