Scoring Summary


1stJudge homered to left center (380 feet).10
2ndRafaela singled to center, Valdez scored and Smith scored.12
3rdDevers grounded into double play, shortstop to first, Hamilton scored, Refsnyder out at second.13
5thDevers hit sacrifice fly to center, Hamilton scored.14
6thTrevino homered to left (389 feet).24
6thVolpe scored on Crawford wild pitch.34
7thDevers singled to center, Duran scored, Refsnyder to second.35
7thWong tripled to right, Refsnyder scored and Devers scored.37
8thHamilton singled to left, Rafaela scored, Duran thrown out at home.38
8thWong singled to left, Hamilton scored, Refsnyder to second.39
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