Scoring Summary


1stMachado singled to center, Profar scored, Cronenworth to third.10
1stLindor homered to right (396 feet).11
1stAlonso homered to left center (389 feet), Nimmo scored and Martinez scored.14
4thBader doubled to left, Torrens scored.15
4thLindor hit sacrifice fly to right, Bader scored.16
4thMartinez doubled to right, Nimmo scored.17
5thProfar grounded out to first, Campusano scored, Arraez to third.27
8thMerrill walked, Profar scored, Solano to second, Cronenworth to third.37
8thD. Peralta grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Cronenworth scored, Merrill out at second, Solano to third.47
8thKim doubled to center, Solano scored, D. Peralta to third.57
8thCampusano hit sacrifice fly to center, D. Peralta scored.67
8thTorrens homered to center (403 feet).68
8thNimmo singled to center, McNeil scored, Lindor to second, Bader to third.69
8thAlonso singled to left, Bader scored and Lindor scored, Nimmo to second.611
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