15Danielle Waterman, FB
14Lydia Thompson, W
13Emily Scarratt, C
12Rachael Burford, C
11Kay Wilson, W
10Katy McLean, FH
9Natasha Hunt, SH
1Vickii Cornborough, P
2Amy Cokayne, H
3Sarah Bern, P
4Abbie Scott, L
5Tamara Taylor, L
6Alex Matthews, FL
7Marlie Packer, FL
8Sarah Hunter, N8
16Vicky Fleetwood, R
17Rochelle Clark, R
18Justine Lucas, R
19Harriet Millar-Mills, R
20Izzy Noel-Smith, R
21La Toya Mason, R
22Amber Reed, R
23Megan Jones, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Kingspan Stadium
2:45 PM, August 22, 2017

Match Commentary

81'18-3 Try - Megan Jones , England Women
81'+120-3 End of second half
81'+120-3 Conversion - Emily Scarratt , England Women
80'Scarrat brings proceedings to a close with the simplest of conversions and England are deserved Women's Rugby World Cup finalists. They were made to work feverishly in defence at times, but their superior fitness showed in the end. New Zealand await on Saturday.
80'TRY! France try to run the ball out from under their own posts and as the ball goes loose, Jones darts in to dot down.
80'Wilson almost seals England's win with a second try, but she cannot gather the interception eight metres out.
79'England captain Hunter picks up for her 21st carry of the game, but France win the scrum deep inside their own half.
78'Jones takes England deep into the France 22. England lose the ball, but they're saved by Cooper's whistle.

Sarah Bern is confirmed as the game's player of the match.
75'Caroline Thomas caught on the wrong side and England have a crucial penalty that is kicked towards the France 22.
75'Substitute on - La Toya Mason , England Women
75'Player substituted - Natasha Hunt , England Women
74'Le Pesq steals the ball as England were building into the France 22 and it takes a good cover tackle from Amber Reed to get her into touch.
74'Substitute on - Manon Andre , France Women
74'Player substituted - Audrey Forlani , France Women
72'A knock on from N'Diaye hands England a scrum deep in the French half.
72'Player substituted - Alex Matthews , England Women
72'Substitute on - Harriet Millar-Mills , England Women
71'We're into the final 10 minutes and England will be confident that the fitness work they've been able to put in as professionals over the last 12 months will pay dividends.
70'England are changing their whole front row. And it isn't a bad front row to bring on -- Vicky Fleetwood and Rocky Clark among them.
70'Substitute on - Chloe Pelle , France Women
70'Player substituted - Elodie Guigliou , France Women
70'Substitute on - Justine Lucas , England Women
70'Player substituted - Sarah Bern , England Women
70'Player substituted - Vickii Cornborough , England Women
70'Substitute on - Rochelle Clark , England Women
70'Substitute on - Vicky Fleetwood , England Women
70'Player substituted - Amy Cokayne , England Women
68'England secure the lineout and McLean just finds touch with another long clearance kick, that just evades Elodie Guigliou.
68'NO TRY! What a tackle from Jones to save England. The TMO shows Annery just in touch before she was able to get the ball down.
68'TRY? Annery touches down on the right wing - but was she in touch before she grounded the ball?
68'Player substituted - Julie Duval , France Women
68'Substitute on - Patricia Carricaburu , France Women
68'Substitute on - Caroline Thomas , France Women
68'Player substituted - Gaelle Mignot , France Women
67'Corson again involved as France keep the pressure on the England line.
66'A good pass from Jade Le Pesq and Corson is striding down the left wing. France maintain possession and spread it towards the right flank where Annery finds room.
65'Player substituted - Rachael Burford , England Women
65'Substitute on - Amber Reed , England Women
64'The lineout is scrappy and Corson knocks on, before McLean booms a clearing kick deep downfield.
63'Penalty to France for a deliberate knock on. Ladagnous kicks to the corner.
63'A mistake from France at the kick off and England have the lineout. But France steal it.
62'Substitute on - Izzy Noel-Smith , England Women
62'Player substituted - Marlie Packer , England Women
62'13-3 Conversion - Emily Scarratt , England Women
61'TRY! England keep knocking on the door until Bern picks up and drives over the line, supported by Cornborough, for the first try of the semifinal.
61'11-3 Try - Sarah Bern , England Women
60'England are into the France 22 again following good work from Scott -- whose jersey number is barely hanging on -- and Meg Jones.
59'Scarratt slices her effort and England's lead remains three points.
58'Penalty to England. Safi N'Diaye pinged for not rolling away and Scarratt will have another shot at goal.
57'England hammer their way into the French 22 through Hunter, Burford and Packer.
55'Packer takes advantage of an England drive to punch holes in the French defence, but after Bern makes yards, the flanker knocks on.
55'Izar kicks the ball out on the full after the ball has been taken back into the 22, and following a scrappy period of play England have an attacking lineout.
55'Substitute on - Jade Le Pesq , France Women
55'Player substituted - Yanna Rivoalen , France Women
52'Scarratt connects and it's 6-3 England.
52'6-3 Penalty goal - Emily Scarratt , England Women
51'Packer picks and goes, but is stopped inches short of the line. Hunter is next to go, then Matthews, but they are still short and as they spin it wide Scarratt's pass goes to a blue shirt. They will have the penalty for offside, though.
50'England are on the five metre line now. Bern and Matthews are both denied as the French defence holds firm, for now..
49'France secure possession from the scrum but their clearing kick goes straight to Scarratt who runs the ball back towards the France 22.
48'An excellent pick-up from Scarratt, who then feeds Kay Wilson on the left wing. She is unable to outstrip Audrey Forlani in the corner though and loses the ball forward.
47'Substitute on - Lise Arricastre , France Women
47'Player substituted - Annaelle Deshayes , France Women
46'Meg Jones finds Burford on the right wing with a pass that appeared forward, but Cooper waves play on. As the ball comes back inside the ball is lost forward, scrum France.
45'Burford, Bern and Scarratt take England up to halfway and into the French half.
44'England on the front foot and into the French half but Packer is unable to hold onto possession and France will have the scrum.
41'We're back underway in Belfast.
41'3-3 End of first half
40'Bern knocks on as she goes to ground and Cooper blows his whistle to bring an end to the first half. How is this game only 3-3? England have been made to work tirelessly in defence but their indiscipline in attack has cost them.
40'England have possession in the French half as the clock ticks towards half-time.
40'3-3 Start of second half
38'France level through the boot of Shannon Izar but they will wonder how they are not in front.
37'Advantage France for a high tackle from Packer. Graham Cooper blows his whistle and France will have the chance to level up the scores.
37'3-3 Penalty goal - Shannon Izar , France Women
36'This has been a pulsating first half and it's France's turn now to get back on the attack.
34'England steal another lineout and first Bern, and then Hunter drive England towards the line. But as the line comes into view the whistle is blown again. Penalty France.
33'England are five metres out as Alex Matthews finds Bern but the French defence holds firm. The women in dark blue celebrate loudly as the whistle blows for a penalty.
32'A wonderful pass from McLean to free Scarratt who takes England deep into the French half. Packer and Scott take the Red Roses into the 22.
30'Scott secures the lineout for England and they get their drive going before McLean clears. The ball comes straight back from Amedee though, and England will have a defensive lineout.
29'England secure the ball from the scrum, and Hunter comes away with the ball. Scarratt puts boot to ball but France again run it straight back.
28'Frantic defence from England as Lenaig Corson finds some space on the left wing. Burford snaffles the loose ball before England win the scrum.
28'Substitute on - Megan Jones , England Women
28'Player substituted - Danielle Waterman , England Women
27'McLean eventually boots clear but France run the ball back. And they're driving into the England 22.
26'England steal the lineout again. That is excellent work.
25'Penalty to France. Scott penalised for collapsing the maul. Montserrat Amedee gets lucky with her kick to touch as Hunt deflects it out.
24'Penalty to France as Sarah Bern catches Julie Duval with a high tackle. A chance for the French to ease the pressure.
23'Following a scrappy passage of play, McLean produces a fine kick to pin France back on their 22. An excellent chase from Danielle Waterman stops the quick one, too.
21'A slight mistake from Hunter gifts France a lineout but they steal it and Amy Cokayne charges upfield with the ball.
21'England get a good shove on but as France retreat, the penalty goes against the Red Roses.
20'Vickii Cornborough loses the ball forward in contact for England on halfway.
19'France look to inject pace down the right, but again their handling in the rain lets them down.
17'Scarratt nails the three points, and that should steady her nerves following a mixed start to the World Cup from the tee.
17'3-0 Penalty goal - Emily Scarratt , England Women
16'Natasha Hunt, Abbie Scott and Burford take England towards the French 22 and after captain Hunter takes the ball on further England are awarded a penalty. Scarratt will have a chance to get them on the board.
13'England enjoying possession in the French half for the first time as Hunter and Burford look to punch holes in the French defence -- but it's France who secure the penalty.
12'France again threaten but Caroline Ladagnous knocks on. The ball looks to be very, very wet.
10'Rachael Burford puts in a big tackle, and an England boot gets to the ball to clear. France will have the scrum but England will be glad to have survived that period without conceding.
9'France are testing the England defence in the early exchanges. They're into the 22 again.
8'France move into the England 22 but Julie Annery struggles to keep hold of the slippery ball and England gather.

The rain is really starting to come down in Belfast.
6'The lineout is messy though and Sarah Hunter flops on the ball. Katy McLean eventually clears, but France run it straight back.
5'Penalty to France. Rachael Burford pinged for failing to release and the French boot the ball deep into English territory.
2'England have started the match with intent. Marlie Packer, on her 50th cap, has the ball but France put in a fine defensive effort to force the turnover.
1'We're underway through Katy McLean's booming boot. Here we go.
1'Hello and welcome to live coverage of the second Women's Rugby World Cup semifinal from Belfast.

New Zealand booked their place in Saturday's final earlier, will it be England or France who joins them?
1'0-0 Start of first half