15William Tupou, FB
14Kotaro Matsushima, W
13Timothy Lafaele, C
12Ryoto Nakamura, C
11Lomano Lemeki, W
10Yu Tamura, FH
9Yutaka Nagare, SH
1Keita Inagaki, P
2Shota Horie, H
3Asaeli Ai Valu, P
4Wimpie van der Walt, L
5James Moore, L
6Michael Leitch, FL
7Pieter Labuschagne, FL
8Kazuki Himeno, N8
16Atsushi Sakate, R
17Isileli Nakajima, R
18Jiwon Koo, R
19Luke Thompson, R
20Hendrik Tui, R
21Fumiaki Tanaka, R
22Rikiya Matsuda, R
23Ryohei Yamanaka, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Tokyo Stadium
6:45 AM, September 20, 2019

Match Commentary

81'+130-10 End of second half
80'And it's over! Japan score four tries to bring open the 2019 World Cup with a resounding win, despite early fears of an upset.
80'Russia kick the ball out from a penalty at the Japan 22, rather than finish it. They're looking to finish with a try.
77'The humidity and sweat is proving pre-World Cup fears of a slippery ball to come to fruition. A few drops here evident why unique ball handling preparations were so necessary.
75'Player substituted - Shota Horie , Japan
75'Substitute on - Atsushi Sakate , Japan
74'Substitute on - Dmitry Perov , Russia
74'Player substituted - Vasily Dorofeev , Russia
73'Ryohei Yamanaka almost breaks away but is brought down just short of the 22 before a knock on by Fumiaki Tanaka breaks down the attack.
71'Substitute on - Ryohei Yamanaka , Japan
71'Player substituted - William Tupou , Japan
71'Player substituted - Michael Leitch , Japan
71'Substitute on - Hendrik Tui , Japan
71'30-10 Conversion - Rikiya Matsuda , Japan
70'It was a poor kick from Russia fullback Artemyev in the lead up to the try.
70'Replacement fly-half Matsuda converts to extend Japan's lead to 20 points.
70'Kotaro Matsushima completes his hattrick, running the ball home from 25 yards out. He faded to the outside, a desperate Russian defence tried to bring him down but can barely get a touch.
69'28-10 Try - Kotaro Matsushima , Japan
68'Player substituted - Dimitry Gerasimov , Russia
68'Substitute on - Vladislav Sozonov , Russia
68'Substitute on - Azamat Bitiev , Russia
68'Player substituted - Kirill Gotovtsev , Russia
67'Rikiya Matsuda comes on at fly-half for Japan, replacing Yu Tamura following that solid three point strike to surely secure Japan victory.
67'Player substituted - Yu Tamura , Japan
67'Substitute on - Rikiya Matsuda , Japan
65'Player substituted - Yury Kushnarev , Russia
65'Substitute on - Ramil Gaisin , Russia
65'Player substituted - Vitaly Zhivatov , Russia
65'Substitute on - Anton Sychev , Russia
65'Substitute on - Andrei Polivalov , Russia
65'Player substituted - Valery Morozov , Russia
65'Substitute on - Evgeny Matveev , Russia
65'Player substituted - Stanislav Selskii , Russia
64'We're into the final quarter of the opening game. Japan's Tamura knocks over from the penalty. The ball was placed 16 yards or so from the right hand side, but a solid strike from Tamura restores Japan's 13 point lead.
64'23-10 Penalty goal - Yu Tamura , Japan
61'Substitute on - Andrey Garbuzov , Russia
61'Player substituted - Bogdan Fedotko , Russia
61'Player substituted - Wimpie van der Walt , Japan
61'Substitute on - Luke Thompson , Japan
61'Substitute on - Fumiaki Tanaka , Japan
61'Player substituted - Yutaka Nagare , Japan
61'20-10 Penalty goal - Yury Kushnarev , Russia
59'Russia are not tiring yet. Undoubtedly underdogs in this contest they're still in this game, keeping their opening game hopes alive. Russia again win the high-ball with Vasily Artemyev going up for the catch, winning a penalty. Yury Kushnarev kicks the ball through the posts to close the gap.
56'Russia flanker Tagir Gadzhiev is brought down and the ref gives Japan the penalty. The hosts maintain their strong lead.
55'Substitute on - Jiwon Koo , Japan
55'Player substituted - Asaeli Ai Valu , Japan
55'Player substituted - Keita Inagaki , Japan
55'Substitute on - Isileli Nakajima , Japan
54'Russia have the ball just five metres out but can't force the ball forward anymore. Russia get the penalty after a large pile up in the ruck. Russia scrum on the Japan five.
51'It's a party in Japan so far in this second half. Eight points in 12 minutes since the break and now there is a Mexican wave making its way round the stadium!
49'Another turnover and more pressure. Japan are really finding their stride now. Captain Michael Leitch jumps on the ball and palms it back to his oncoming teammates.
48'Japan fly-half Yu Tamura misses the conversion.
47'20-7 Try - Pieter Labuschagne , Japan
46'What a play from flanker Pieter Labuschagne, ripping the ball out of Russian hands and breaks away down the pitch for a try.
45'Despite a strong restart since the half, Japan continue to give the ball away cheaply, again doing so.
44'Russia centre Dimitry Gerasimov doesn't clear away from the ruck. Penalty to Japan means they kick over for an easy three points.
44'15-7 Penalty goal - Yu Tamura , Japan
42'Japan pick up where they left off. An awkward bounce from a kick to the Russian fullback Vasily Artemyev will unnerve the visitors.
41'We're back underway for the second half.
41'12-7 End of first half
40'It was certainly a moment to remember for wing Kirill Golosnitskiy.
40'So the first half of 2019 World Cup rugby ends with the hosts 21-7 up. Japan took a while to get going but dominated in the final ten minutes. The Russian boys put everything into that first 40 minutes and will welcome a break. It's an uphill battle for the visitors going into the second half.
40'12-7 Start of second half
40'Substitute on - Vasily Dorofeev , Russia
40'Player substituted - Dmitry Perov , Russia
40'12-7 Conversion - Yu Tamura , Japan
39'10-7 Try - Kotaro Matsushima , Japan
Kotaro Matsushima scores again! The No. 14 warned the Russian defence earlier with that denied try and he found space again. Matsushima was chased by three Russia defenders but there was no stopping him.
36'Japan are back in control, keeping a drive going in the Russia third and attacking through the middle. The hosts are trying to break down that Russia line that has kept solid for so much of this half.
Russia scrum-half Vasily Dorofeev is substituted.
33'Player substituted - Vasily Dorofeev , Russia
33'Substitute on - Dmitry Perov , Russia
32'So close! Kotaro Matsushima drops the ball as he puts it down on over the line. The winger was on his back following a last ditch tackle, but failed to keep it in his hands. A rare spark from Japan who will be largely disappointed with the first half.
32'Another dropped ball for Japan.The hosts having real trouble with the high ball. Russia scrum-half Vasily Dorofeev keeps them coming.
31'Japan look to be showing some tournament opening stage-fright. Russia giving as good as they're getting.
25'Russia are camped out in the Japanese third. After almost breaking away following a successful line out, the Russians are keeping the pressure building.
25'Russia broke away down the pitch before a kick along the floor was scooped up by the Japanese backs.
20'Japan piling on the pressure in the final third. Two drives in the last few minutes look promising.
20'Rank outsiders Russia are causing a shock so far, more than matching the hosts.
18'Both sides playing for territory. The ball was kicked back and forth with Russia winning out. Japan wing Kotaro Matsushima receives the ball with his foot on the line at the 6.
16'Russia work the Japanese line, keeping the pressure high with forwards continuing the slow advance.
12'Japan fly-half Yu Tamura misses the conversion from a wide angle. 7-5 to the visitors.
12'5-7 Try - Kotaro Matsushima , Japan
And the hosts strike back! Japan work the ball along the line, Timothy Lafaele palms the ball off before another pass allows wing Kotaro Matsushima to run it home.
Japan dink the ball bast the Russian line, causing an offside by the visiting team. Line out, Japan.
8'A ruck on Russia's try line results in the visitors kicking in to touch at the 25.
Russia fly-half Yury Kushnarev converts. 7-0!
6'0-7 Conversion - Yury Kushnarev , Russia
5'0-5 Try - Kirill Golosnitskiy , Russia
Kirill Golosnitskiy try! That wasn't in the script. A kick back to the Japanese backs near the try line results in a drop, with Russia's Golosnitskiy taking advantage and running home for five points.
Russia kick it in to touch, compiling the pressure on Japan.
2'An early lineout for Russia at the Japanese five metre line results in pressure near Japan's try line.
1'KICK OFF! Russia fly-half Yury Kushnarev kicks the ball downfield to the Japanese forwards. We are underway at the Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo.
1'The opening ceremony is complete. The anthems have been sung. It's time for some World Rugby.
1'Japanese fans have a serious case of World Cup fever.
1'That's what it's all about. Former New Zealand captain Richie McCaw capped off the opening ceremony by presenting the Webb Ellis Cup.
1'The line-ups are in.
1'Welcome to the Rugby World Cup! Hosts Japan kick off their World Cup campaign against Pool A opponents Russia. Kick off in 45 minutes.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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