15Jayden Hayward, FB
14Edoardo Padovani, W
13Tommaso Benvenuti, C
12Luca Morisi, C
11Mattia Bellini, W
10Tommaso Allan, FH
9Tito Tebaldi, SH
1Nicola Quaglio, P
2Luca Bigi, H
3Tiziano Pasquali, P
4Alessandro Zanni, L
5Federico Ruzza, L
6Braam Steyn, FL
7Maxime Mbanda, FL
8Sergio Parisse, N8
16Oliviero Fabiani, R
17Simone Ferrari, R
18Marco Riccioni, R
19Dean Budd, R
20Jake Polledri, R
21Guglielmo Palazzani, R
22Carlo Canna, R
23Matteo Minozzi, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Hanazono Rugby Stadium
6:15 AM, September 22, 2019

Match Commentary

82'And that's a wrap from Italy vs. Namibia. It was a valiant effort from the 23rd ranked Namibia, but Italy showed their class in the end to blow them away. Make sure to stick around for our live commentary of a big clash between Ireland vs. Scotland.
81'Did Italy make the statement they would have wanted? Perhaps not. While the scoreboard showed their dominance, they left plenty more tries on the park and will be disappointed with some many dropped pill and missed opportunities. But on the flipside, they'll be very pleased with all the opportunities they created.
81'And that's it, Nic Berry blows the whistle and Italy are victorious 47-22. Italy easily left about three tries out on the pitch, but they'll be happy they got it together in the second to blow Namibia away. Meanwhile Namibia will come away with several things to work on. They'll be happy with the opening try and the two extras in the second.
81'+147-22 End of second half
80'47-22 Conversion - Cliven Loubser , Namibia
79'TRY TIME! Chad Plato is over for Namibia and it's try number three for his side. Didn't look there was much on at the back of the lineout, but somehow he brushes off two defender's hands and charges for the line. Two Italy defenders were closing on him quick, but he couldn't be stopped and they get the chocolates just before fulltime. They get the extras and it's 47-22.
79'47-20 Try - Chad Plato , Namibia
77'TRY TIME! Italy get the seventh and it goes to Matteo Minozzi. It's all set up at the lineout before it's sent wide and Minozzi pins his ears back and charges through floundering defenders to dive over. It all came down to nice, slick passing with several of those balls going down earlier in the match, but finally everything looks to be going to hand for Italy. They get the extras and it's 47-15.
77'47-15 Conversion - Carlo Canna , Italy
76'45-15 Try - Matteo Minozzi , Italy
74'Italy full of energy now, they're determined to get that seventh try on the board. Namibia working hard in defence but are yet again pinned back into their 22.
71'Substitute on - Nelius Theron , Namibia
71'Player substituted - Andre Rademeyer , Namibia
70'TRY TIME! Jake Polledri darts out from the side of the rolling maul and he's over in the right corner for Italy's sixth try. It was a great set up by Italy. They were awarded a penalty and sent it to the sideline for the lineout. No issues getting it into their hands and setting up the maul. There were almost no Namibians in sight as Polledri ran it in. They can't add the extras, 40-15.
70'40-15 Try - Jake Polledri , Italy
68'Substitute on - PJ Walters , Namibia
68'Player substituted - Johan Tromp , Namibia
67'it's all getting a bit messy now. Neither team are able to keep the ball off the deck, but Italy are still camped within Namibia's half. Although they're trailing by quite a bit, Namibia are still playing with passion and look hungry.
61'The rain's stopped for now, but it's still very damp out there and the pill will be like a bar of soap in those hands.
59'Substitute on - Guglielmo Palazzani , Italy
59'Player substituted - Tito Tebaldi , Italy
58'TRY TIME! Namibia's JC Greyling dives over in the corner and they make it look easy! They have the scrum 10m out form Italy's line and the timing of the pass is just amazing. They suck in the defenders and send it wide for Greyling to score their second try. Plenty of smiles throughout the team after that. Cliven Loubser couldn't add the extras, 35-15.
57'35-15 Try - JC Greyling , Namibia
57'Substitute on - Johan Retief , Namibia
57'Player substituted - PJ van Lill , Namibia
57'Player substituted - Aranos Coetzee , Namibia
57'Substitute on - AJ de Klerk , Namibia
57'Substitute on - Louis van der Westhuizen , Namibia
57'Player substituted - Torsten van Jaarsveld , Namibia
50'Namibia get some points on the board with a penalty. Namibia made some metres down in Italy's half and were rewarded with a penalty almost directly in front. They definitely needed to come away with some points, so going for goal was a smart option but they're going to need to get some tries on the board soon.
50'35-10 Penalty goal - Cliven Loubser , Namibia
48'Player substituted - Justin Newman , Namibia
48'Substitute on - Helarius Kisting , Namibia
48'Player substituted - Damian Stevens , Namibia
48'Substitute on - Eugene Jantjies , Namibia
48'35-7 Conversion - Carlo Canna , Italy
47'TRY TIME! Carlo Canna barges through and gets it down. They go up to the TMO to check the grounding but the try is upheld. Canna has been on the field for about a minute and he gets a try to his name. But really it all started all the way back in Italy's half when Namibia were sloppy at the lineout and the Azzuri pounced. They were gaps everywhere and they really should have scored off the great backline movement, but a wet pill is hard to control, so took the ball to ground just metres from the line and the forwards got the job done.
47'33-7 Try - Carlo Canna , Italy
45'Substitute on - Matteo Minozzi , Italy
45'Player substituted - Jayden Hayward , Italy
45'Substitute on - Dean Budd , Italy
45'Player substituted - Federico Ruzza , Italy
45'Player substituted - Tommaso Allan , Italy
45'Substitute on - Carlo Canna , Italy
45'Substitute on - Jake Polledri , Italy
45'Player substituted - Braam Steyn , Italy
45'Substitute on - Oliviero Fabiani , Italy
45'Player substituted - Luca Bigi , Italy
45'Player substituted - Nicola Quaglio , Italy
45'Substitute on - Simone Ferrari , Italy
45'28-7 Conversion - Tommaso Allan , Italy
44'TRY TIME! Edoardo Padovani collects a nice little grubber kick pass on the wing to dot it down and secure the bonus point. Perfect option from Allan who spotted the overlap on the edge but wary of sending the pill through the hands. Good hands from Padovani to get a nice little pick up. Allan adds the extras and the Azzuri take a handy 28-7 lead.
44'26-7 Try - Mattia Bellini , Italy
41'We're underway for the second half with Italy kicking off and Namibia collect and send it straight back into touch.
41'Substitute on - Max Katjijeko , Namibia
41'Player substituted - Rohan Kitshoff , Namibia
41'19-7 Try - Tito Tebaldi , Italy
41'+221-7 End of first half
41'+221-7 Conversion - Tommaso Allan , Italy
40'From bright and sunny to absolute bucketing down with rain during the break. This could completely change how the rest of the game is played out. The wind will be behind Namibia here and with a wet deck their kicking game could give them some good opportunities.
40'Italy leading the stats. 9 Clean Breaks, 17 Defenders Beaten, 11 Offloads and 10 Turnovers Conceded. Those turnovers equate to about three missed tries.
40'There's some serious pace on the pitch this afternoon.
40'Italy will go into the sheds pretty happy with that late try. You get the feeling Namibia had been doing just enough to stay in it but that try could really blow the game wide open.
40'TRY TIME! Just like that we're all the way down the other end with halfback Tito Tebaldi flying down the sideline off a little no look pass from Federico Ruzza. Allan converts and Italy are up 21-7 as we head into the break.
40'21-7 Start of second half
39'Finally Namibia are patient with the ball and use their forwards to push through the middle and are finding plenty of metres, but their lazy to get to the breakdown and give away the penalty for holding on. They'll be disappointed they didn't use their possession and territory inside Italy's half to get some points.
39'Player substituted - Tiziano Pasquali , Italy
39'Substitute on - Marco Riccioni , Italy
38'Despite enjoying 66% territory and 54% possession, Italy remain just one try ahead. They've been finding plenty of space outwide with Namibia struggling to shutdown the Azzurri, but Namibia remain in this clash.
35'It's been an entertaining game so far but neither team really taking control here. Italy are clearly the more dominant side but haven't really put Namibia to the sword just yet. Handling errors and poor passes are really hurting them, while Namibia are struggling to find much penetration with ball in hand and are choosing to send the ball back to Italy instead of keeping it in hand. They've spent the last 15mins camped inside their own half.
29'Namibia really need to keep ball in hand here. It's the second time they've kicked away turnover ball, but if they want to put pressure on the Azzurri they need to keep it in hand and use their forwards to push through the middle. Too often they're kicking it or pushing it wide too early.
27'TRY TIME! Italy's Tommaso Allan comes flying through at the back of a great attacking movement and crashes over the line. Finally the passes are sticking for the Azzurri and they punch through Namibia's defence. It was two on one on the outside and centre Luca Morisi spots is, darting through while a scrambling Namibia defence does their best to slow it down, but they can't stop the try. Allan adds the extras and Italy take a 14-7 lead.
27'14-7 Conversion - Tommaso Allan , Italy
26'12-7 Try - Tommaso Allan , Italy
24'I've put the mocker on Italy. Their scrum has dominated, but Parisse can't hold onto the ball at the back of the scrum and Italy are all the way back towards the halfway. They'll be devastated they didn't come away with points there.
21'The Azzurri forward pack are really starting to mammoth Namibia's pack now. Namibia are pinned down on their line and are facing plenty of pressure from Italy at scrum time. I don't think they'll be able to hold them out much longer here.
20'Namibia fail to send a penalty into touch and Italy make them pay. Italy fullback Jayden Hayward keeps the ball in play and dashes down the sideline, passing it in to wing Edoardo Padovani before he sends it back to Hayward as they palm off several defenders before Hayward is pulled down just metres from the line.
17'While Italy are suffering from a few sloppy plays, they're clearly the stronger side, but Namibia are keeping in this match and it's looking pretty even on the pitch. It does look like Italy can blow this game wide open if they can remove the handling errors.
13'There's been some great running rugby so far this match. Italy collect turnover ball and quickly the spread it wide with Namibia in all sorts in defence. Maxime Mbanda is eventually pulled down 40m out but sloppy hands from Parisse ends the play just 7m out from the line.
11'TRY TIME! Italy hit right back! Namibia sloppy inside their own 22 and it gifts Italy the perfect opportunity to hit back. Italy's scrum was just too powerful and they get rewarded for their pressure with a penalty try. Scores are all locked up 7-7.
11'7-7 Penalty try
9'This guy deserves a medal for the work he's put in so far this tournament.
7'Perfect start for Namibia as they chase their first World Cup win. And Cliven Loubser adds the extras to make it 7-0 after 7mins.
7'0-7 Conversion - Cliven Loubser , Namibia
6'TRY TIME! Namibia are over for their opening try of the World Cup and what a glorious try it was! Damian Stevens crosses over for Namibia after they stole an Italy lineout and send it wide and find the hole in defence before Stevens collects the offload 15m from the line.
6'0-5 Try - Damian Stevens , Namibia
3'We've got our first scrum of the game and Namibia hold strong against a big Italy pack. Both teams are stocked with some big men up front, so it is sure to be a good battle at scrum time throughout the clash.
1'Namibia kicks off and we're underway. Italy allow it to bounce before they send it long straight back to Namibia who look to go through their forwards. There's a howling breeze swirling around the stadium and it's playing against Namibia who are unable to get many metres from a penalty kick to the sideline. Italy will definitely look to use the wind to their advantage, while Namibia will be happy to keep ball in hand.
1'Both sides are on the pitch and it's time for the anthems. We're just minutes away from kick off. Plenty of passion from both sides as they belt out their anthems. Even Japanese fans in the crowd reading the words from lyric sheets. These Japanese hosts are really getting into the spirit of this tournament.
1'Hello and welcome to our live commentary of the first World Cup fixture this afternoon, Italy vs. Namibia. This will be a good test for Italy who should come out of the match up unscathed, while Namibia will be on the hunt for their first ever World Cup victory. Make sure to share your thoughts on this match on our twitter feed @espnscrum
1'0-0 Start of first half

Rugby World Cup 2019 News