15Leigh Halfpenny, FB
14Josh Adams, W
13Owen Watkin, C
12Hadleigh Parkes, C
11Hallam Amos, W
10Rhys Patchell, FH
9Aled Davies, SH
1Nicky Smith, P
2Ryan Elias, H
3Dillon Lewis, P
4Bradley Davies, L
5Adam Beard, L
6Aaron Shingler, FL
7Justin Tipuric, FL
8Aaron Wainwright, N8
16Elliot Dee, R
17Rhys Carré, R
18Wyn Jones, R
19Jake Ball, R
20Ross Moriarty, R
21James Davies, R
22Tomos Williams, R
23Gareth Davies, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Egao Health (Umakana Yokana) Stadium
4:15 AM, October 13, 2019

Match Commentary

81'+535-13 End of second half
81'+535-13 Conversion - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
81'+433-13 Try - Gareth Davies , Wales
80'Job done for Wales, who claimed the victory needed to ensure they top Pool D from Australia. They left a fair few points on the pitch through errors, but those errors were mostly forced by a tremdendous defensive effort from Uruguay in a physical contest. Wales next play France in the quarterfinals, while Los Teros return home with heads held high after that shock victory against Fiji and committed efforts in defeat by Australia and Wales.
80'Gareth Davis cuts in off the right wing to race clear and score under the posts. Fine end to the game.
80'Gareth Davies cuts in off the right wing and races clear to score under the posts. Exhilirating end to the game.
80'Wales and Uruguay each continue to attack in an extended period of play, each looking to run back the other's mistakes.
80'Wales and Uruguay continue to attack back and forth in an extended period of play, each looking to run back errors from the other side.
78'Player substituted - Andres Vilaseca Hontou , Uruguay
78'Substitute on - Juan Manuel Cat , Uruguay
76'Hallam Amos is denied for a third time, the winger dropping the ball cold as he dived for the left corner. Great break there from Wales, after Rhys Patchell had taken a quick throw and then showed a wonderful flick out the back of his hand to Rhys Carre, who burst through the defensive line magnificently before feeding the left winger.
76'Felipe Berchesi's restart fails to go 10 metres, and Wales take a midfield scrum.
76'Substitute on - Guillermo Pujadas , Uruguay
76'Player substituted - German Kessler Lordon , Uruguay
75'28-13 Conversion - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
74'Wales attack wide through first phase, with Leigh Halfpenny ghosting through a gap out wide. Wales recycle, and Tomnos Williams snipes for a scrum-half's try two phases later.
74'26-13 Try - Tomos Williams , Wales
73'Substitute on - Tomas Inciarte , Uruguay
73'Player substituted - Juan Manuel Cat , Uruguay
72'21-13 Conversion - Felipe Berchesi Pisano , Uruguay
71'German Kessler drives over for a score from one last pick-and-go. Great reward for player and teammates alike.
71'21-11 Try - German Kessler Lordon , Uruguay
70'Player substituted - Josh Adams , Wales
70'Substitute on - Gareth Davies , Wales
68'Uruguay camped 5m from Wales' line, driving pick-and-goes through phases under penalty advantage.
68'Couple of aimless kicks from Wales, and Nicolas Freitas shows superb skills, collecting the ball then chipping over the chasers before passing inside, where Diego Magno charges forward before being hauled down. Wales concede a penalty on the ground.
66'Uruguay are unable to withstand the Wales ' maul, and Angus Gardner has no hesitation in awarding the penalty try.
66'21-6 Penalty try
65'Yellow card - Santiago Civetta , Uruguay
64'Substitute on - Rodrigo Silva Pisano , Uruguay
64'Player substituted - Gaston Mieres Valente , Uruguay
64'Substitute on - Wyn Jones , Wales
64'Player substituted - Dillon Lewis , Wales
63'Wales launch an attack after being awarded a scrum penalty. Tomos Williams taps and goes before linking with Rhys Patchell, who passes wide to Leigh Halfpenny. Solid attack. Wales continue to recycle until Uruguay stop the ball on the ground. They do so illegally, however, and Santiago Civetta gets 10 minutes in the sin-bin.
61'Leigh Halfpenny gets high to collect another midfield bomb in traffic. He's still surely among the best in the world at this particular skill.
61'Uruguay struggling to get out of their own 22, with Wales' defence suffocating Los Teros on the gainline.
60'Substitute on - Tomos Williams , Wales
60'Player substituted - Aled Davies , Wales
59'Player substituted - Aaron Wainwright , Wales
59'Substitute on - Ross Moriarty , Wales
59'Substitute on - James Davies , Wales
59'Player substituted - Justin Tipuric , Wales
58'Uruguay just about clear their lines under pressure from a strong Wales scrum, with Manuel Diana doing particularly well to pick and drive from the base as the set-piece splinters.
58'Player substituted - Ignacio Dotti Uria , Uruguay
58'Substitute on - Diego Magno , Uruguay
58'Player substituted - Santiago Arata , Uruguay
58'Substitute on - Agustin Ormaechea , Uruguay
58'Substitute on - Manuel Diana Olaso , Uruguay
58'Player substituted - Alejandro Nieto Serra , Uruguay
57'Hallam Amos runs a wonderful line in a set-play from an attacking lineout in Uruguay's 22, but committed defence again keeps Wales out. Uruguay penalised, and Wales top and go. Elliot Dee held up, and Wales go back left, where Hallam Amos goes over again; the winger is denied again, however, for another forward pass, from Hadleigh Parkes.
53'Uruguay distinguishing themselves with their work without the ball. Tremendously committed and spirited in defence, and ferociously competitive at ruck time.
52'Uruguay clear lines to the 10m line.
52'Substitute on - Elliot Dee , Wales
52'Player substituted - Ryan Elias , Wales
52'Substitute on - Rhys Carré , Wales
52'Player substituted - Nicky Smith , Wales
52'Substitute on - Juan Pedro Rombys Aguzzi , Uruguay
52'Player substituted - Diego Arbelo Garcia , Uruguay
51'Wales come right and Josh Adams shows great speed to gas past Nicolas Freitas, but Uruguay do well to scramble, pull down the winger, prevent the ball back inside, and claim a scrum.
51'Player substituted - Mateo Sanguinetti , Uruguay
51'Substitute on - Juan Echeverria Rodriguez , Uruguay
50'14-6 Conversion - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
49'Bradley Davies clambers through the defence only to be held up under the sticks. The Dragons recycle left, and Rhys Patchell loops a cutout pass to where Josh Adams and three teammates are unmarked; the winger touches down unopposed.
49'12-6 Try - Josh Adams , Wales
47'Wales back inside Uruguay 22 for another lineout from another breakdown penalty.
44'Good hands and combination work from Wales, with Aarons Shingler and Wainwright prominent, but they concede a penalty for joining a ruck at the side, and Uruguayan defenders erupt in celebration. Tremendous discipline and defence from Los Teros, who are not just making tackles but preventing Wales from being able to offload.
42'Leigh Halfpenny's kick from distance drifts right and hits the post.
42'Disciplined defence from Wales forces Uruguay back into their half, trapping Los Teros deep behind the gainline, and then they win a penalty. No thoughts of kicking for the corner this time. Points more important.
41'Uruguay restart the game, and no doubt they're dreaming of causing a second major boilover in Japan.
41'7-6 End of first half
40'That's halftime, and we have a ball game at 7-06 in favour of Wales. The Dragons have dominated every facet of the game, but errors on the gainline and in contact against committed defence have cost them. Uruguay are anything but flattered by the scoreline for they've given as good as they have got.
40'7-6 Start of second half
39'7-6 Penalty goal - Felipe Berchesi Pisano , Uruguay
37'Los Teros attack from the linoeut with solid runs in midfield before losing the ball in contact, but they're awarded a kickable penalty and a chance for more points.
36'Couple of penalties awarded and Uruguay now are backinside the Wales 22 with an attacking lineout.
35'Wales keep the attack going for 12 phases to get deep inside Uruguay territory, but Nicolas Freitas steals the ball at a breakdown and Los Teros can clear their lines.
33'Aled Davies snipes from a scrum on halfway, and Wales again go through phases and Ryan Elias shows super skills with Rhys Patchell to keep the attack going on the left touchline.
30'Wales still looking to attack with air on the ball, but they're flat and lateral hence unable to get great go-forward against solid defence while mistakes in contact and in discipline are costing them dear.
27'Hallam Amos tries to collect a midfield roost with soccer skills, but fails and then kicks straight into touch even though Angus Gardner calls taken back in. Chance comes to naught, however, as Wales win the Teros' lineout.
25'Wales cross from the scrum, combining well on the left with slick handling in the backs before Hallam Amos ices the play. The pass from Hadleigh Parkes is forward, however, and Uruguay have a scrum just outside their 22.
22'Ignacio Dotti steals a Wales lineout, and Uruguay have an opportunity to launch an attack. Solid Wales defence forces them back towards halfway, and Andres Vilasecacan't collect a flat pass from Felipe Berchesi. Scrum Wales just inside Uruguay territory.
22'7-3 Penalty goal - Felipe Berchesi Pisano , Uruguay
20'Super cutout pass from Felipe Berchesi puts Leandro Leivas into space and Uruguay break clear, but referee Angus Gardner adjudicates its forward. Marginal call, but Uruguay have a penalty after the Wales defence had encroached offisde.
19'Uruguay do well to disrupt a Wales driving maul, going straight through the middle to win a scrum.
18'7-0 Conversion - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
17'Wales are over, with Nicky Smith driven over after 17 phases around the fringes after a midfield scrum.
17'5-0 Try - Nicky Smith , Wales
15'Wales spinning the ball left and right, but Uruguay's tackles continue to stick. Leandro Leivas is penalised for offside, and referee Angus Gardner warns Los Teros that another infringement will lead to a card.
13'Solid defence from Uruguay keep Wales out through multiple phases, but they've conceded another penalty, at the lineout.
12'Uruguay do well to disrupt the lineout, but German Kessler is penalised for joining the driving maul from the side.
10'More good work from Josh Adams, on the crash ball, and the ball goes right. Aaron Shingler makes a spectacular effort to score in the right corner, from a pop pass by Aled Davies, but the flanker is just in touch. We're going back to a Wales penalty awarded earlier in the move.
9'Wales have an attacking lineout inside Uruguay 22 after winning a scrum penalty through a strong set-piece.
7'Andres Vilaseca involved early for Uruguay, the centre getting Los Teros over the gainline in midfield, but both sides making little errors in their willingness to keep the ball moving.
4'Sides showing equal intent to play with ball in hand, and Wales bomb a chance to score after Josh Adams and Justin Tipuric makes a break on the right wing, only for Aled Davies to die with the ball as he didn't see Adams charging into space on his inside. Wales regain the ball and put it to the left, and Aaron Wainwright goes over the line but there has been a knock-on.
2'Super break from Bradley Davies in the outside channel, but the lock drops the ball cold carrying it one-handed while tackled by German Kessler.
1'Wales on the attack immediately after Leigh Halfpenny takes a box kick on halfway. Put the ball through air towards Hallam Amos on the left wing, but he drops the ball while cutting inside the defence.
1'Wales to kick off through Rhys Patchell after Uruguay won the toss and elected to receive.
1'A moment's silence for the people who have lost their lives during Typhoon Hagibis. Beautifully observed.
1'Here come the teams for the anthems.
1'Hello, and welcome to our Live Text Commentary of the Rugby World Cup Pool D fixture between Wales and Uruguay at Kumamoto Stadium in Kumamoto City. Wales have already secured a quarterfinals berth, and victory here, as is expected, will ensure they top the pool to face France next week. Uruguay produced one of the surprises of the tournament when they beat Fiji, but they have since failed to match that level of perfomance. The teams have played each other only once before, at Rugby World Cup 2015, when Wales won 54-9 at Millennium Stadium.

1'0-0 Start of first half

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