15Stuart Hogg, FB
14Tommy Seymour, W
13Huw Jones, C
12Sam Johnson, C
11Blair Kinghorn, W
10Finn Russell, FH
9Greig Laidlaw, SH
1Allan Dell, P
2Stuart McInally, H
3WP Nel, P
4Ben Toolis, L
5Grant Gilchrist, L
6Sam Skinner, FL
7Jamie Ritchie, FL
8Ryan Wilson, N8
16Jake Kerr, R
17Jamie Bhatti, R
18Simon Berghan, R
19Gary Graham, R
20Josh Strauss, R
21Ali Price, R
22Adam Hastings, R
23Chris Harris, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: BT Murrayfield
9:15 AM, February 2, 2019
Capacity: 67,800

Match Commentary

81'33-20 End of second half
80'Stay with us for live coverage of Ireland versus England in Dublin, with kick off just over 40 minutes away. And don't forget to check how your Fantasy Rugby team has performed -- if you had George North and Blair Kinghorn in your team, take a bow...
80'Blair Kinghorn has been named man of the match, and Scotland bundle the ball into touch to end the game. Job done, somewhat half-baked at times, but Scotland were unequivocally the better side while the match remained a contest.
79'This is a sloppy finish from Scotland, but it can't be overlooked that we're in what the Americans call "garbage time", when a team is so far ahead that the scoreline and statistics lose any real reflection of the match.
79'Substitute on - Tommaso Benvenuti , Italy
79'Player substituted - Luca Morisi , Italy
78'Italy have scored another try! Three tries in the final 10 minutes, they're now one away from a bonus point! It's a similar try to the previous one, Ruzza passing inside and Esposito trundles over unopposed. The conversion, rushed, is missed.
78'33-20 Try - Angelo Esposito , Italy
77'Adam Hastings comes on from Scotland. He's got pedigree: his father is Scotland legend Gavin; his uncle is another Scotland legend, Scott. Anyone who remembers the Hastings brothers in their pomp is feeling a little old right now.
76'Player substituted - Finn Russell , Scotland
76'Substitute on - Adam Hastings , Scotland
75'Another try for Italy! Edoardo Padovani bundling over after Ruzza got down the left flank and slipped a pass back inside. This is putting a nice sheen on the scoreboard for the visitors, but it shouldn't be overlooked that the match is in carnival time, having ended as a contest with Scotland's fourth try.
75'33-15 Try - Edoardo Padovani , Italy
73'Stuart Hogg thinks he has his second try of the game -- and it would have been a contender for try of the tournament. He gathered on halfway, took a couple of sidesteps, broke through the gainline and dived over in the corner. However, the whistle had gone after the first sidestep, with Price penalised for obstruction. It's a tight call, but it's probably correct. Still, the lesson for the watching four nations that will play Scotland in the coming weeks is: don't kick to Stuart Hogg in the middle of the pitch with clear ground to run into. It will be a try.
72'Substitute on - Gary Graham , Scotland
72'Player substituted - Ryan Wilson , Scotland
72'Substitute on - Ian McKinley , Italy
72'Player substituted - Tommaso Allan , Italy
71'Italy closing in on a pushover try from the lineout. The rolling maul is collapsed. A yellow card is coming, and it's Simon Bergham who gets the last 10 minutes in the bin. Italy pushing forward, and that's a try! Palazzani dives over from the foot of the ruck, and it's a small consolation, a little crumb of comfort, from an otherwise disappointing afternoon for the Italians.
71'33-10 Conversion - Tommaso Allan , Italy
71'Yellow card - Simon Berghan , Scotland
71'33-8 Try - Guglielmo Palazzani , Italy
69'Another penalty against Scotland. Captain Finn Russell is told that the next one will be a yellow card.
68'Scotland have lost their focus in the last few minutes, with Toolis now giving away a flagrant penalty for coiming in at the side. Sergio Parisse is debating with referee Luke Pearce as to the merits of what Toolis did there, and whether there should be more than a penalty for it. The referee isn't all that interested, but does warn Scotland to "be careful, two quick penalties". You sense the next one will bring a yellow card.
67'Penalty to Italy in the Scotland half as Jamie Bhatti was penalised for going in off feet. Italy kick for the corner. They may as well. The last 13 minutes is all about building for next week against Wales.
64'Italy try to get into the Scotland 22, and are doing well in keeping the ball alive. It's going this way and that along the back line and then eventually, seven phases in, the ball isn't released and it's a penalty to Scotland. You have to wonder what this Six Nations is going to look like for Italy on this evidence, and what they have to offer against some of the other sides in this tournament.
63'Easy conversion for Finn Russell. Thirty-point advantage is a fair reflection of play.
63'Substitute on - Tiziano Pasquali , Italy
63'Player substituted - Simone Ferrari , Italy
63'Substitute on - Jake Kerr , Scotland
63'Player substituted - Stuart McInally , Scotland
63'33-3 Conversion - Finn Russell , Scotland
62'And when in need of energy, who else to provide it but Stuart Hogg. He collects a clearance and turns it into a dangerous attack, skips past a challenge or two, then slips it to Ben Toolis who is five metres short. A couple of offloads later and Chris Harris is over for Scotland's fifth try of the match. And they really haven't got out of first gear very often.
62'31-3 Try - Chris Harris , Scotland
61'The energy has disappeared from this game again. Ali Price grubbers through, nobody chases, and Hayward lets it bounce into touch.
59'Player substituted - Sebastian Negri , Italy
59'Substitute on - Jimmy Tuivaiti , Italy
59'Player substituted - Leonardo Ghiraldini , Italy
59'Substitute on - Luca Bigi , Italy
58'Greig Laidlaw comes off after a fine performance at scrum-half. It's a measure of how in control of the game Scotland are that he's being given a rest, with Ali Price coming on at scrum-half.
58'Player substituted - Huw Jones , Scotland
58'Substitute on - Chris Harris , Scotland
58'Substitute on - Ali Price , Scotland
58'Player substituted - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
58'Player substituted - Allan Dell , Scotland
58'Substitute on - Jamie Bhatti , Scotland
57'Some signs of life from Italy as Michele Campagnaro makes a determined struggle towards the Scotland 22. Italy up to the ninth phase of this possession, which is perhaps the most they've had all game.
56'Conversion goes over, Scotland have scored 26 unanswered points. Italy simply aren't at the races here.
55'Bonus point for Scotland -- harsh to call that "par" against Italy?
55'26-3 Conversion - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
54'Scotland have the ball around halfway. They make some ground, and then superb handling from Russell keeps the move alive. A couple of offloads later, and then Kinghorn is away again! It's a hat-trick for Blair Kinghorn! Magical stuff from the wing, who now has six tries in his last seven internationals.
54'24-3 Try - Blair Kinghorn , Scotland
52'More good play from Stuart Hogg, who kicks into the Italy 22 along the ground and again shows terrific hustle to pressure opposite number Jayden Hayward. Italy are being stifled out of this game now, and Scotland are looking for that bonus-point try.
52'Substitute on - Federico Ruzza , Italy
52'Player substituted - Dean Budd , Italy
52'Substitute on - Cherif Traore , Italy
52'Player substituted - Andrea Lovotti , Italy
51'Italy penalised at the scrum, and Stuart Hogg boots the free kick deep towards touch. We're into a kicking exchange now.
50'Scotland fall asleep, partly due to Jamie Ritchie being told to step back, and as soon as he does at the breakdown, Palazzani charges through towards the Scotland line. He's stopped, and the ball goes to ground, and Scotland get a scrum. That was the first time we've seen an Italy jersey in space in this match.
50'Substitute on - Simon Berghan , Scotland
50'Player substituted - WP Nel , Scotland
49'Player substituted - Tommaso Castello , Italy
49'Substitute on - Edoardo Padovani , Italy
49'19-3 Conversion - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
48'A little surprised the TMO hasn't had a look at this -- and there we are. Before the conversion can be taken, it is referred to the TMO. And replays show it's definitely a try. Smart play from Seymour, from Russell and from Hogg, and there's a deserved gap appearing on the scoreboard. Italy, frankly, have offered very little other than defensive endeavour.
47'This is better from Scotland -- off the lineout, Seymour makes a terrific break and Scotland are going to be in here. Russell grubbers through and Hogg charges on to it and sneaks a hand in first for the try!
47'17-3 Try - Stuart Hogg , Scotland
46'A few exchanges of deep kicks, before Allan and Hayward get in a knot at the back, thanks mainly to Hogg's persistent chasing, and Allan has to boot in to touch.
44'There is a TMO review ongoing, with McInally penalised for clearing out Dean Budd in a dangerous fashion. "Isn't he facing the wrong way though?" argues captain Laidlaw. "You could say that, but in my view it's a penalty," says referee Luke Pearce.
44'Scotland are into double figures for phases, but an ambitious offload by Wilson spills forward and it's a knock on. Scrum Italy. For all that Italy are defending well, they're the length of the pitch from any signs of a comeback.
42'An Italian clearance is semi-charged down by the Scots, and Josh Strauss tries to make some headway. Laidlaw pulling the strings at the foot of each ruck. Scotland are 10 metres from the Italy line.
41'After a kick downfield from Italy, it's Hogg who makes good ground for Scotland. They're building in the Italy 22.
41'The teams are back out on the field, hopefully rejuvenated from the break. Will Italy show a bit more adventure? Can Scotland begin to make their cutting edge count? Stuart Hogg to kick off the second half...
41'12-3 End of first half
40'Scotland drag the Italian lineout maul into touch, and everyone goes off to get some heat in their bones. Hopefully there's some inspirational team talks about to happen from Gregor Townsend and Conor O'Shea, to set this game alight again.
40'12-3 Start of second half
39'Perhaps a surge of enterprise in the closing stages? Scotland are into the 22, but are now outside of it a they can't quite hit a man in stride. And eventually Italy kill the ball well, Scotland are penalised for not releasing and that should just about do it for the first half. Which is blessed relief, in truth -- the second 20 minutes, after Kinghorn's second try, has been a hard watch.
37'A lone piper is working through a back catalogue of Celtic hits. Italy are penalised for being off feet. This is not quality stuff right now.
36'Substitute on - Tommaso Allan , Italy
36'Player substituted - Ian McKinley , Italy
33'Knock on by Scotland in the Italy half. It's beginning to feel like both sides would like half-time to come.
32'Hayward covers well on a Russell low kick, which briefly looked like it might cause some trouble. The sting has gone out of this game just now, though.
30'And Italy immediately knock on! Advantage Scotland, now over, despite Scotland having gone sideways rather than forwards with the possession. Scotland looking good again with ball in hand across the backs, but one attempted pass too many in the end, Huw Jones' back-of-the-hand attempt is too much for Ryan Wilson to handle.
29'A penalty now for Italy as Scotland are penalised again for not playing nicely. They'll clear towards halfway, and maybe that will get the game going in the right direction again...
28'Italy turn Scotland over at a scrum, winning their own put-in at the next reset. These scrums are taking an age, though, they've really disrupted the flow of the game.
27'There's an HIA needed for Tommaso Allan, who didn't appear too steady after his last kick towards touch. On comes Ian McKinley -- as Scottish as that name sounds, he was actually born in Ireland.
27'Player substituted - Tommaso Allan , Italy
27'Substitute on - Ian McKinley , Italy
25'It's all got a bit scrappy since that try. Meanwhile, Sam Skinner sits on the bench with what seems like a leg injury -- Josh Strauss came on earlier as his replacement.
23'The conversion is from almost exactly the same spot as the previous try -- and Laidlaw adjusts from his previous miss to nail this one. Great kick, Scotland lead by nine.
23'12-3 Conversion - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
21'Good work from the base of the scrum, Stuart Hogg feeds Blair Kinghorn and the wing dives over for his second score of the game! He did well to gather as the ball was bobbling along, but he had time and space after a beautiful set-piece move from Scotland, Russell switching the play well and Hogg taking a great line to assist the try.
21'10-3 Try - Blair Kinghorn , Scotland
20'Italy are just about to get away on the left but Castello takes his eye off the ball and knocks on. Scrum Scotland, 10 metres from the line.
19'Seymour tries a grubber on the right wing, but Italy cover and a good clearing kick puts Scotland back at halfway, with a lineout. It's quickly taken and now Russell tries to get Italy on their heels with a low kick. It works, thanks mainly to great covering work from Huw Jones and Sam Johnson.
18'Italy push too early and are penalised -- and Scotland will clear their lines. An exchange of punts and now Scotland are trying to create from around halfway.
17'It took forever for that scrum to get set, and then it was never really stable and Italy get a free kick -- and opt for another scrum! This is eeking out plenty of time, if not excitement...
14'As easy as it can look at times against Italy, they are still a threat with the ball in hand. Ghiraldini makes good ground for them in the Scotland half, and while Tommy Seymour nearly intercepts, it's a knock on and a scrum to Italy just inside the Scotland half.
13'Gregor Townsend can't land the conversion from out on the left flank, dragging it slightly past the left post, and Scotland lead by two points.
13'Substitute on - Josh Strauss , Scotland
13'Player substituted - Sam Skinner , Scotland
12'Scotland gathered well from the restart, perhaps too easily from an Italian point of view, and have a chance to threaten again in their opponents' half. Finn Russell tries a grubber through but it immediately ricochets off an Italian foot. Then Italy get caught napping in the recycling phase and Finn Russell needs no second invitation -- brilliant floated kick across field allows Kinghorn to run on, catch the ball in stride and cruise over the line. Brilliant vision from Russell, the kingpin of this Scotland side.
12'5-3 Try - Blair Kinghorn , Scotland
10'Somewhat against the run of play, Italy lead, as Tommaso Allan smashes over from in front of the posts.
10'0-3 Penalty goal - Tommaso Allan , Italy
8'Italy trying to get out of their own half for really the first time in the game. They go up and under, but Kinghorn makes a solid grab under the high ball. Then Stuart Hogg is nearly away but an Italy hand manages to get in the way of his gathering of the ball. And now Italy are surging into Scotland territory, a tip tackle on Sergio Parisse which produces a penalty and Jamie Ritchie is the man who got the tackle slightly wrong. No yellow card, but a penalty attempt for Italy.
6'Scotland are five metres from the try line. Seven, eight phases. Italy's defence staying very disciplined and they've turned Scotland over enough to force a penalty for not releasing. Well done, Italy, for keeping their nerve there.
5'A kicking exchange ends in embarrassment for Guglielmo Palazzani, the Italy scrum-half, who slices wildly into touch. Lineout Scotland, and they're haring towards the try line once again. Blair Kinghorn the man to make the ground. Italy defence is scrambling back, hug roars of "Scotland, Scotland" and this has been an encouraging start for the hosts. They are building through the phases deep in Italy territory.
3'Easy take by Ryan Wilson in the lineout -- have Scotland pushed over from there? It's going to the TMO, it's a try on the field but the check is that there is not a double movement. Great throw by McInally in the first place, good take and drive from there, but it's a double movement from Grant Gilchrist on the floor and that's going to be a penalty for Italy and no try for Scotland.
3'Lovely start for Sam Johnson at centre, as the Aussie-born youngster sidesteps a couple of men. Then Hogg and Laidlaw combine on the left flank and force good back cover from Jayden Hayward. Lineout to Scotland, deep in Italy territory.
1'And we're underway as Tommaso Allan boots deep into the Scottish 22. Scotland in white with blue shorts, Italy in their traditional blue with white shorts. Stuart Hogg makes an early break down the right flank, and the crowd "oohs" and "aahs" as he is taken out having chipped forward. Nothing wrong with that challenge however.
1'A packed Murrayfield belts out a rousing rendition of Flower of Scotland -- enough to raise the hairs on the back of the necks of the 15 men representing Scotland this afternoon. Great atmosphere, with a cluster of Italian fans in attendance as well. We're moments from kick-off.
1'Meanwhile, the brass band is playing a version of the Proclaimers' "I'm gonna be (500 miles)" -- a cult classic in this part of the world.
1'The teams are out on the field, but will have to stand in the cold a little while longer until they are introduced to the match dignitaries, who include Princess Anne -- the patron of the Scottish Rugby Union.
1'Don't forget that there is still time to sign up to our Fantasy Rugby game.

There are weekly prizes of Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones, while the overall winner will claim a 13-inch Macbook Pro. And you can also take on your friends head-to-head in our mini league option.
1'Hello and welcome to ESPN's live coverage of the second match of this year's Six Nations - Scotland vs. Italy, at Murrayfield.

It is a bitterly cold day in Edinburgh but the ground staff have worked hard to keep the field in top condition. Still, this game will have to go some to match the drama of last night's tournament opener, where Wales made the biggest comeback in Six Nations history to beat France in Paris.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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