Player of the Match
Player of the Match

So folks,Nepal started this chase on a positive note,but lost their plot after those first drinks and coming short by 55 runs. Quick presentation,Michael Rippon is the player of the match.Thats it from VRA for today,i shall be back on Friday for second ODI and i am sure you all will tune back in,Bye Bye !

de Leede to Vesawkar, OUT, outside off,he looks to drive,edge and keeper take that easily

S Vesawkar c †Edwards b de Leede 4 (15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 26.66

de Leede to Gauchan, 1 run, on backfoot,pushes to sweeper for a run
de Leede to Gauchan, no run, hits upish,in the air,just short of mid on

Nepal 2nd innings Partnerships

1st58G MallaAK Sah
2nd27P KhadkaG Malla
3rd2G MallaDS Airee
4th0Aarif SheikhDS Airee
5th7Sompal KamiDS Airee
6th10B RegmiDS Airee
7th18SP GauchanDS Airee
8th0SP GauchanKaran KC
9th1SP GauchanS Lamichhane
10th11SP GauchanS Vesawkar