Player of the Match
Player of the Match

6.25pm: There we have it, England receive the trophy while being sheltered with a couple of umbrellas, a soggy end to a rather flat T20I series. But this has been an epic tour, from the majesty of Holder's double-hundred in Barbados, through to 800-plus runs in the Grenada ODI, and the shenanigans of the last few days. Valkerie's report should be working its way through the system, and there'll be more from George at the ground to wrap things up. Both teams get a bit of a break now, but we'll be back for more soon. Our thanks for your contributions, as always; from Miller and myself, Raghav, Ranjith and the scorers, it's cheerio for now. Bye!

6.10pm: Here we go, then, starting with West Indies captain Jason Holder: "I don't think it's a drop in intensity, we just didn't bat well in these two games. We have to give England credit as well, they bowled well and stuck to their plans. When we're batting, we've got to learnt to adapt, set it up for our middle-to-lower half. A case of working on our death bowling and our fielding, too. It was a good tour, we won the Tests, and drew the ODIs, weren't at our best here, continuing with the ODI squad. But I'm pretty pleased as skipper, plenty of positives and lots to learn. Our next assignment is in Ireland, looking forward to that."

David Willey is named Man of the Match: "It was nice, my role up front is to take the new ball, I didn't swing it but forced some errors from the West Indians. [Push World Cup case?] When I come out and play I try and do my best, it's a different format but as long as I'm taking wickets [that's good]. Swing and variations are the key for me, I try and take wickets in the Powerplay, that's my role and when I do that it's a bonus."

Chris Jordan is the Man of the Series: "Personally it was a good series, came in looking to have a bit of fun and managed to get some wickets along the way. I thought everyone played well, to bowl out a team of that quality twice for under 100 is pretty good. I was able to show different skills different times, banged a length in the second game, used my variations in the first and that worked. [World Cup pecking order?] Not thinking about it, one day at a time, let the process take care of itself."

And finally, with a sudden burst of rain interrupting things in Basseterre, England captain Eoin Morgan: "I don't think you can fault us for may things, we've played extremely well over the three games. Guys have come in and taken the limelight and that's outstanding. Sam Billings, Joe Denly, Chris Jordan and today was about David Willey, so guys have put their hands up and that's really exciting. The more we've played in the West Indies, naturally you get better, a learning process and adaptation that you go through."

6pm: Well, that was a bit of an anticlimax. West Indies had been very, very good throughout England's visit, until about this time on Friday evening, when they began their innings in the second T20I (they were unbeaten in 20-over games in St Kitts until then, remember). This was apparently the fourth-shortest T20I ever, excluding matches with reduced overs. England take the series 3-0, of course, and can head home in good heart; West Indies on the other hand will be looking to consign this quickly to the rubbish bin of history, and focus on their World Cup preparations. While we wait for the presentations, which could take almost as long as the match, here's a (rogues) gallery of the action.

Bishoo to Morgan, FOUR runs, floated up on leg stump and Morgan sweeps it hard and flat for four, meaning England win by eight wickets!
Bishoo to Morgan, SIX runs, tosses up the googly, Morgan steps out and chips down the ground for six! Only just clears the rope, but that's all it has to do
Bishoo to Root, 1 run, flighted, on middle and leg, nudged down the ground

Halfway through the overs. England still needing 11 to win...

10 | 1 Run | ENG: 61/2 (11 runs required from 60 balls, RR: 6.10, RRR: 1.10)

  • Eoin Morgan0 (6b)
  • Joe Root3 (10b)
  • John Campbell1-0-1-0
  • Devendra Bishoo1-1-0-1
Campbell to Morgan, no run, oh, this beats everything! Round the wicket and angled in, turns sharply and misses the top of off! Campbell has his head in his hands, so close to a wicket on debut
Campbell to Root, 1 run, tossed up on the stumps and tapped down the ground to long-on
Campbell to Root, no run, this spins a touch, hits the front pad and Campbell asks the question... Root is thinking about a run but is then sent back, could be tight at the batsman's end, but the underarm shy is off target
Campbell to Root, no run, darted in on the stumps, Root happy to defend
Campbell to Root, no run, floated up and clipped to mid-on without any power
Campbell to Root, no run, lobbed up and worked off the pads

John Campbell to bowl, England still need 12

9 | (wicket maiden) | ENG: 60/2 (12 runs required from 11 overs, RR: 6.66, RRR: 1.09)

  • Eoin Morgan0 (5b)
  • Joe Root2 (5b)
  • Devendra Bishoo1-1-0-1
  • Fabian Allen4-1-25-0

Here's PhilFour: "ENG and NZ were 60/2 each at the same moment in time. Of course, took NZ 3+ days to get there." Suspect they'll be playing on for a bit longer in Wellington, too

Bishoo to Morgan, no run, quicker delivery, the legbreak turning just a touch as Morgan goes back and is beaten... A wicket-maiden for Bishoo, keeping things, er, interesting
Bishoo to Morgan, no run, floated up around off, pushed into the covers
Bishoo to Morgan, no run, flighted, another wrong'un and Morgan blocks on leg stump
Bishoo to Morgan, no run, pushed through and tapped into the off side

Short leg is in

Bishoo to Morgan, no run, googly from Bishoo, goes back to pull and fails to lay bat on ball

Out comes Eoin Morgan. Two sixes to finish it?

England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st28AD HalesJM Bairstow
2nd32JM BairstowJE Root
3rd12EJG MorganJE Root