9.14 pm Edgbaston is bouncing well after the final ball. Some atmosphere for the opening week of the Hundred! Moeen Ali and Chris Benjamin do most of the heavy lifting in the successful chase.

Zak Crawley is named the Hero of the Match in a losing effort: "I was pleased with how I played. It's always nice to score runs but I could've done with a few more at the back end to get us to a higher total and we might have won but I was pleased with the Powerplay. It's great to have a big crowd. Adam Milne probably should be wearing the cap, he had a great game. How can you not enjoy this cricket playing in front of a big crowd? I'm trying to enjoy every game."

Chris Benjamin: "First off, very excited. A bit amazed I got the call up. A bit of a whirlwind the last couple of weeks. This was going to be an incredible learning opportunity. To get the chance to play in the first game and to get the team over the line was just incredible. I just wanted to get myself in and then try to take on a bowler. Fortunately one or two shots came off and we got over the line. Youngsters, keep dreaming big and keep working hard, that's the big thing. You'll face some difficult times and disappointments but hard work wins at the end."

Come back tomorrow for more action from The Hundred! That's it from us tonight. For Miller and Gardner, I'm PDP. Take care!

Mohammad Amir to Milne, FOUR, length ball on off stump, Milne heaves a pull that skids along the turf through square leg. Vertical flamethrowers start shooting off on the boundary to mark a victory for the Phoenix with three balls to spare!
Mohammad Amir to Cooke, OUT, Bopara is wearing magnets in the field! Bouncer on the stumps, tries to heave over midwicket but skies this over mid-on. Bopara shuffles left on the ring and clutches this above his head. Spirit not giving up just yet.

CB Cooke c Bopara b Mohammad Amir 5 (9m 5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Amir back to bowl the last five with scores level.

19 | 10 Runs | BP-M: 144/6 (1 run required from 5 balls, RR: 7.57, RRR: 1.00)

  • Chris Benjamin24 (15b)
  • Chris Cooke5 (4b)
  • Chris Wood3.5-0-23-1
  • Blake Cullen3.5-0-38-2

Scores level heading into the last five. Whether London is mandated to bring an extra fielder into the ring now or not doesn't matter. Officially they have been assessed a penalty but all 11 fielders are in the ring anyway.

Wood to Benjamin, 1 run, yorker on leg stump now, flicks this out to deep square leg.
Wood to Benjamin, FOUR, wide yorker on sixth stump, Benjamin can do no wrong here! Not only does he dig this out, but does so with enough forearm power to beat mid-off on the ring as it skids away to the rope.

Devendra: "Benjamin is picking up some Benjamins ($100 bills)!!!! The 100 is HERE!"

Wood to Cooke, 1 leg bye, pinged in the helmet! Slower bouncer and is out in front of the pull shot, he's hit square on the bill of the helmet as the ball ricochets into the off side for an extra. Physio sprints out to check on the batsman for a cursory concussion evaluation.
Wood to Cooke, FOUR, fuller and wider, heaves aiming for extra cover but slices a thick edge over backward point and backspins away to the rope.

Phoenix 2nd innings Partnerships

1st8MAH HammondFH Allen
2nd25LS LivingstoneFH Allen
3rd27MM AliLS Livingstone
4th36MM AliDJ Bell-Drummond
5th2MM AliCG Benjamin
6th23BAC HowellCG Benjamin
7th23CB CookeCG Benjamin
8th4AF MilneCG Benjamin