20 | 7 Runs 1 Wkt | LS-W: 122/7 (6 runs required, RR: 6.10)

  • Natasha Wraith1 (1b)
  • Sophie Luff39 (30b)
  • Alice Davidson-Richards3.5-0-20-2
  • Linsey Smith3.5-0-24-1

It's a busy day at the Hundred. So before this sinks in, Oval Invincibles and Southern Brave will be on. Sudarshanan's already there. The men's sides of these two franchises will face off as well, catch the action here. See you around.

Hollie Armitage, Northern Superchargers captain: I'm chuffled, proud of the girls with the way they held their nerve. The way they held their lengths was really good. (On the feeling at the beginning of the last set) Keep your foot behind the line and execute what you could, which she did. I was nervous after the ball but I trusted her and she trusted herself which got us through. ADR and Bess were great, Bess set the tone. She's outstanding. (On time-management and the field restriction) You've got to weigh it up, bowlers cannot execute when rushed. Luckily, it worked well in the end. (On the talent) We have fantastic players and look forward to see how we go ahead. The atmosphere here has been great.

Bess Heath: We're talking about building partnerships. We set a good innings, decided I'll go big. Thought I'll find boundaries or go for singles when that was not possible. I wanted to go down the ground, it was a batter's wicket. At halftime, it felt 15-20 under. So we went with intent. We do well under pressure, thrive on it.

The bowlers were great at cutting down runs. Higham, Langston came back well. Katie Levick got Kerr. Smith was good and ADR took two key wickets and finished off the game.

1:45 pm: Jumps, high-fives and hugs among the Superchargers camp. They've pulled a win off the pyre. They were short with the bat, Mooney and Scrivens started well. The latter was struck in front, but it was the Aussie opener's run out that opened the floodgates, she fell when the scoring rate was going a bit low. Her wicket, followed immediately by that of Danielle Gibson meant rebuilding could not be risky. Luff took up that role, got a few away. But Amelia fell, and she found very little support from the lower middle order. There were options to farm strike towards the end which weren't taken. But the turning point seemed to be that Mooney run out.

Davidson-Richards to Wraith, 1 run, Pulled, but it's along the ground to long-on.

Six to tie, no super set in the group stages.

Davidson-Richards to Dean, OUT, The non-striker runs from the get go but it don't matter as the full ball ballooned off the edge to cover point. Dean tried to slash it as hard as she could but got nowhere near enough.

CE Dean c Heath b Davidson-Richards 5 (7m 3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 166.66

A couple of conferences, one from each side.

Davidson-Richards to Luff, 1 run, Makes room, gets a full ball that follows her, she tries to whack it over long-on. But it's off the bottom To the fielder and it's only one.

Spirit 2nd innings Partnerships

1st48BL MooneyGE Scrivens
2nd7BL MooneyAC Kerr
3rd0AC KerrDR Gibson
4th30SN LuffAC Kerr
5th19SN LuffND Dattani
6th9SN LuffAZ Monaghan
7th8SN LuffCE Dean
8th1SN LuffNAJ Wraith