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20 | 10 Runs 2 Wkts | PZ: 176/7 (11 runs required, RR: 8.80)

  • Hasan Ali3 (2b)
  • Wahab Riaz0 (1b)
  • Shane Watson1-0-10-1
  • Dwayne Bravo4-0-52-0

11:15pm And that is it from our live coverage. It was great having you along for this incredible game. See you soon!

Shane Watson is the Man of the Match.

Moeed: "I hope i won't be the only to think that this is the best PSL edition so far.. on par with the top franchise leagues.."

Naseef: "WATTO team player!! Haven't bowled for a long time, team needs him to bowl one of the most crucial overs of the campaign and he obliged!!"

Umar Butt: ""Elementary my dear Watson" says Wilko. Cracking me up"

Syed Hasan: "What an all round performance by Watson. Massive respect for him. First he came to Pakistan for his team and now taking the last over responsibility for his team."

Amir: "Yeahhhhhh that's what exactly I have mentioned and he has delivered it. Shane Watson you beauutttyyyyyy"

Khan Mudasir: "Finally we can say OLD IS GOLD.. LOVE YOU WATSON"

Usman Khalid: "Teams usually lose games because of their fifth/Part time bowlers but Quetta's part timers have brought Quetta back in the game whenever they bowled!"

10:59 pm What a finish. Quetta Gladiators have held on. With two part-timers, and one spinner who's lost a tooth. You don't usually do that in T20 cricket. But they have and they go through to the final. Shane Watson with a massive, massive contribution towards that. Destroyed Zalmi at the start of the batting innings and returned selflessly at the end to keep Zalmi quiet yet again. Bowling after nearly a year and with hardly any legs to take half his normal run-up, he's pulled it off for them. What a player. He spoke of the fast bowling depth in Pakistan before this match, but he's given them something to look at. Superb effort from Sammy and Pollard at the end, but Hasnain and Nawaz had done splendidly to give Zalmi no momentum at all at the start of their chase.

Watson to Hasan Ali, 1 run, full at off stump, mistimed drive to long-on
Watson to Hasan Ali, 2 runs, mistimed and to long-off's left! That is it, surely? Short of a length outside off, slices it to that fielder's left. The throw comes back, and Sarfraz asks his local crowd to clap for his team. They've held on
Watson to Wahab Riaz, OUT, they've got Sammy! A length ball outside off, there to be hit, but Wahab is beaten on the swish. Sarfraz gather and underarms it onto the stumps as Sammy looks to plonk his bat in. He's well short. Viv Richards overjoyed on the touchline

DJG Sammy run out 46 (21b 2x4 5x6) SR: 219.04

You wanted drama? Here is some more: Wahab Riaz with the bat, Watson with the ball. Watson is not going to be bowling bouncers, I can tell you...

Watson to Pollard, OUT, the top of middle stump! Oh Watson, you beauty! Sheepish grin, but has he done it for his team? Length ball on middle. Pollard loses his shape completely as he looks to slog this and his stumps are damaged

KA Pollard b Watson 44 (22b 6x4 1x6) SR: 200.00

Watson to Pollard, SIX, sends him over midwicket! Length ball, not troubling Pollard with that pace. On his pads, swivels and sends it flying. His first six of the night

Watson, about ten steps now, his run up

Watson to Sammy, 1 run, length and in at leg stump. Gets the front leg out of the way and heaves it to deep square off the inside half

Twenty one off six! Can you believe Zalmi are still in this? Quetta can't. They're having a massive discussion...and they've convinced Shane Watson to take the ball! This is superb from the verteran. He hasn't bowled in AGES. Since IPL last year. But it was him or it was Ahsan, or Rossouw. He says gimme it. Here we go...

Zalmi 2nd innings Partnerships

1st41Kamran AkmalImam-ul-Haq
2nd14Sohaib MaqsoodImam-ul-Haq
4th8Misbah-ul-HaqLA Dawson
5th21Misbah-ul-HaqKA Pollard
6th83DJG SammyKA Pollard
7th0Wahab RiazDJG Sammy
8th3Wahab RiazHasan Ali

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