Big Bash League Table - 2011-12

Big Bash League

1Perth ScorchersPS75200100.6261061/133.31025/140.0
2Hobart HurricanesHH75200100.5691175/138.31108/140.0
3Sydney SixersSS75200100.262967/124.1927/123.1
4Melbourne StarsMS7430080.2541023/127.0992/127.1
5Brisbane HeatBH7340060.3241159/140.01103/138.4
6Adelaide StrikersAS725004-0.3381021/140.01048/137.2
7Melbourne RenegadesMR725004-0.5821001/125.51087/127.2
8Sydney ThunderST725004-1.25814/123.0931/118.2

Standings are updated with the completion of each game.

  • M: The number of matches played.
  • W: The number of matches won.
  • L: The number of matches lost.
  • T: The number of matches tied.
  • N/R: The number of matches abandoned.
  • PT: Number of points awarded.
  • NRR: Net Run Rate

Preliminary Matches

Win 2
Tie (only if "Super Over" not possible) 1 each
No Result 1 each
Loss 0

Abandoned match due to inadequate pitch and/or ground preparation (see clause 7.2)

Qualifying for the Semi Finals and Final

The teams which finish first, second, third and fourth on the points table at the completion of all preliminary matches shall qualify for the semi-final matches. The teams which finish first and fourth shall play in one semi-final and the teams which finish second and third shall play in the other. The winners of these semi-finals shall play in the final. In circumstances where a result is not possible in a semi-final then the team which finished higher on the points table at the completion of all preliminary matches shall qualify for the Final.

In the event of teams finishing on equal points, the right to play in a semi-final match will be determined as follows:

* The team with the most number of wins and ties
* If still equal, the team with the highest Net Run Rate

In a match declared as no result, run rate is not applicable.

Champion Team

The winner of the Final shall be declared the Champion Team.

In the event of the result of the Final being a;

(a) Tie (with no Super Over possible), or
(b) No Result, or
(c) Abandoned Match,

the team that finished higher on the Points Table will be declared the Champion.