2022 MLB draft storylines: Did Mets learn from their mistake? Could Yankees find another Aaron Judge?

Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

If you've been following coverage leading up to the 2022 MLB draft, you already know there are many famous names high up in this year's rankings -- and the Baltimore Orioles have a fascinating decision to make with the No. 1 overall pick. But there is plenty more intrigue beyond who goes in the top spot, and some of those storylines have flown under the radar.

Here are five of the themes I'm most interested in (and haven't yet written about) regarding the 2022 draft.

The Mets' most important draft in a long time

Arguably the most notable occurrence from last year's draft was the Mets' failure to sign Kumar Rocker: the promise that saw him drafted 10th overall, the saga around the Mets' decision and the continued reporting of Rocker's health as he prepares for the 2022 MLB draft.

I've been asking scouts for almost a year and haven't had an answer other than "yes" to the following question: Is this the biggest draft mistake in recent memory?