Benches clear after Red Sox's Chris Martin, Brewers coach exchange words

BOSTON -- The Fenway Park benches emptied Sunday after an apparent dispute between Boston Red Sox reliever Chris Martin and Milwaukee Brewers first-base coach Quintin Berry.

Martin ran over to cover first on Christian Yelich's inning-ending grounder in the seventh. As he was walking toward his own dugout, Berry appeared to say something to Martin.

Martin turned around before first-base umpire Ryan Additon got in front of him while players streamed out of the dugouts and bullpens.

No punches were thrown and both teams headed off the field. There were no ejections.

"I think their pitcher showed some emotion and I think our people thought it was directed at them," Brewers manager Pat Murphy said after the Red Sox's 2-1 win. "I don't know if it really was or it wasn't. I'm not going to speculate what the kid was doing. But if you're staring at somebody and you're saying it, it could be interpreted that you're saying it at them."

Martin said he was upset the Brewers were trying to bunt often.

"I probably said some things under my breath," he said. "That was kind of directed at that inning. I'll let you all determine what those things were. Heat of the moment. They bunted twice. You see there they bunted there at the end of the game. I didn't like it. I know it's part of the game. ... I let 'em know. In this league, swing the bat."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.