The NBA's ultimate free agency Rorschach test for 2019

Illustration by Alex Anderson

Welcome back. Take five deep breaths and think of the gentle, warm winds of early summer and the changes that often come at that time of year. Now look at this picture and tell me what you see.

What a Warriors fan sees

That's Mike Roth! He hit 44 homers in 55 ABs for our frat softball team. We won two titles! We called him "The Mike!" But when he got tragically injured his junior year in a keg stand mishap during Beer Pong Finals, we didn't know what to do! Keep him around for a sad beer-pong-less senior year? Let him pledge Sigma Chi? Man, that was a dark time. You're my boy, The Mike!

What the rest of the NBA sees

Whoa, is that my old cat, Captain Cuddles? He was our neighbors' adopted kitten, but they never took care of Cuddles like he deserved. I told him, "You'll always be fourth fiddle there. Come live with us. Sure, our house is dumpy, and my dad is always jamming with his country blues band. But we'll love you." We all had some good years after that, us and that old cat.

* Where will KD land? NBA free agency begins June 30 on every platform.