Netball's Super Shot fails to hit target

Super Netball says the Super Shot will return in 2021. Jono Searle/Getty Images

A university study has found Super Netball's controversial Super Shot may not be so super after all.

The rule was introduced last year, giving shooters double points for successful shots from with a designated zone within the goal circle in the final five minutes of each quarter.

Many fans, and indeed players including then Australian captain Caitlin Bassett, spoke out against it.

A world-class talent from close range, Bassett was benched as her Giants team preferred long-range goalers to try to maximise their scoring under new rule.

Bassett has shifted to New Zealand this year in search of more court time, with their domestic league sticking to traditional rules.

But research by Deakin University has shown there's a cost to make netball more unpredictable and dynamic, with accuracy figures for Super Shots much lower than regular shooting.

Analysis of the 2020 goal shooting statistics found that players were approximately four times more likely to miss from the Super Shot area compared to the standard shot range during the 'power five' period.

"The much higher risk of missing Super Shots means the risk-reward balance is in favour of sticking with standard shots in general, but certain match-situations where teams need fast, high-scoring play (for example chasing down a lead) may require a different strategy," said Dr Aaron Fox, one of the researchers.

"It's a 'live by the sword, die by the sword' analogy where the sword is the Super Shot.

"Teams may need to decide if they think it is a risk worth taking."

A survey of players across the six teams also found half felt more positive about the Super Shot following its first season, suggesting that the rule may be growing on some players.

However, approximately 20 per cent felt more negative about it following the first year, with a number of defensive circle players saying the rule had a negative impact on their playing style and defensive strategy.