Hearing that the match has now officially been called off, which means Dambulla Viikings win their first LPL match, and Kandy Tuskers get their second heartbreaking defeat in a row, after having lost the tournament opener in a Super Over finish.

Key to the Viikings victory was the 127-run stand between Dasun Shanaka and Samit Patel, which came off just 64 balls. Shanaka and Patel started steadily against spin before attacking the Tuskers fast bowlers late in the innings - Shanaka ending with 73 off 37 balls. 196 always seemed an imposing total, but Tuskers were making a fist of it, with Kusal Mendis looking decent, when the rains came down. Had Kamindu Mendis not holed out the previous over, Tuskers might even have been ahead of the DLS par score, as they were for much of their innings.

THe rain still seems to be falling in Sooriyawewa, so we're expecting delays in the Colombo Kings v Galle Gladiators game tonight as well. But join us on the live scoring for that game. For now, this is Andrew Fidel Fernando signing off.


6:49pm, Hearing cut-off time is 7:28, so we have a little time. Looks like rain is still falling on those covers though,


It's not looking good folks. The whole ground is covered now, which means it will be at least 20 minutes before a restart is possible. It'll be gutting for Tuskers to go down by four runs here, especially when Kusal Mendis was batting pretty well.


There's not a lot of time to play with here. the next game starts at eight, with a toss scheduled for 7:30. It's all being played at the same ground, of course. So I'm guessing that if the rain persists, they won't waste too much time waiting to call this game off. ****

But the rain has got quite heavy now, and the covers have to come on. This is good news for Viikings, who at this stage are four runs ahead. That wicket of Kamindu Mendis in the previous over may end up being decisive, and hurtingTuskers if we have no more play.

Patel to BKG Mendis, SIX runs, drops this one short and Kusal pounces. He springs back thwacks this confidently over deep square leg to collect his third six.
Patel to Gunaratne, 1 run, floated up on the stumps, worked to deep midwicket
Patel to BKG Mendis, 1 run, floated up on the stumps, and Kusal sweeps. Gets a thick under edge though and that only gets as far as short fine leg. Still, they get one.
Patel to Gunaratne, 1 run, full on the stumps, and straightening. Asela clips this toward deep midwicket

9 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | KT: 75/3 (121 runs required from 11 overs, RR: 8.33, RRR: 11.00)

  • Kusal Mendis27 (24b)
  • Asela Gunaratne1 (1b)
  • Lahiru Madushanka1-0-4-1
  • Ramesh Mendis1-0-6-0
Madushanka to BKG Mendis, no run, oh dear, that could have been bad for Kusal and Tuskers. This is shortish and wide. Kusal throws his bat at it, but gets only a thick outside edge. The ball flies out and lands just short of short third man.
Madushanka to Gunaratne, 1 run, turned beyond midwicket for one

Asela Gunaratne is the new guy.

Madushanka to PHKD Mendis, OUT, short again, up at the chest, and Kamindu, and oh no, holes out. He gets the pull shot out again, but picks out the deep midwicket fielder. I think that caught the bottom of the bat so the timing wasn't quite there. Tuskers keep losing wickets just as they threaten to get a partnership together.

PHKD Mendis c sub (DHAP Tharanga) b Madushanka 6 (10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 60.00

Madushanka to BKG Mendis, 1 run, short of a length, on the thigh pad. Turned around the corner to short fine leg and they take one
Madushanka to PHKD Mendis, 1 run, short ball again, in at the ribs. Kamindu pulls and gets it nicely to deep square leg for a single
Madushanka to BKG Mendis, 1 run, short ball into the waist, pulled away unconvincingly. This top edge lands safe in vacant midwicket though

Sarthak: "@Andrew, is any pair of Mendis from Ramesh, Kusal and Kamindu by chance brothers ??" Not related, as far as I know. There are a lot of Pereras and Fernandos in this tournament and none are related. The only players who are related are two who don't go by the same last name: Jaffna Stallions' Wanindu Hasaranga and CHaturanga de Silva.

Right arm seamer Lahiru Madushanka into the attack

8 | 6 Runs | KT: 71/2 (125 runs required from 12 overs, RR: 8.87, RRR: 10.41)

  • Kamindu Mendis5 (8b)
  • Kusal Mendis25 (21b)
  • Ramesh Mendis1-0-6-0
  • Samit Patel2-0-18-0
Mendis to PHKD Mendis, no run, flatter from Ramesh again, pushed to mid on, and there's no chance of a run
Mendis to BKG Mendis, 1 run, flatter ball, turned into a big vacant space around square leg. They think about two but decide against

Tuskers 2nd innings Partnerships

1st14MDKJ PereraRahmanullah Gurbaz
2nd36BKG MendisRahmanullah Gurbaz
3rd24BKG MendisPHKD Mendis
4th10DAS GunaratneBKG Mendis

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