How to win every Fall Guys game

Listen to these tips and you'll grab that crown in no time. Sean Morrison

Let's be honest -- as you read through the myriad Fall Guys articles and content that's out there, you are really looking for one thing and one thing only.

How to win.

You want the crown. You want to "get gud" so you can win. That's all.

Luckily, we're here to help.

There are currently 25 levels in the game, and we will give you at least one tip for every single one of them, thanks to Megan Ralph, Senior Level Designer for Fall Guys and Level Designer Joseph "JJ" Juson. Read through this and you'll be well on your way to popping off after earning that dub in Fall Guys.

Before we get to the levels themselves, let's correct some common mistakes.


"People jump all the time and they shouldn't jump," explained Ralph. "I know that sounds really stupid, but things like, they jump on the seesaw or they try to jump up slopes when really that's just going to make you fall over. I see that a lot, so it's people sort of getting the hang of when to jump drives me mad."

"Another thing is just, I guess in general not trying to work with their team in team games," added Juson. "... Like you see five people going to the exact same spot or like trying to do the exact same thing. And I think you need to kind of take a step back a little bit and look at what everybody on your team is doing and be like OK, what can I be doing that is different to everybody else."

Ralph expanded on the team idea: "Yeah, roles haven't really established themselves as much as I thought they would, within team games. You know what I mean? Like when we used to play them in the office, it would be like you're playing egg scramble and a few people would go attack the other nests and a few people would defend and you sort of split those roles organically."

Speaking of Egg Scramble, let's start there.

Tips directly from the developers will be in italics.


Defense wins championships, people! Consider being the Fall Guy that sits in the net and makes it as difficult as possible for other people to get away with your hard earned eggs!

When someone starts grabbing you, let go of your egg - this gives you a better chance to grab it again without it flying away!


One of the E3 originals, this one is all about letting others make the mistakes for you!

Try to hang back slightly, and watch other people make mistakes before gambling on a door!


For Block Party, it's all about positioning.

Aim to be in the front half of the platform at all times - that way, you've got a chance to recover if you take a knock!


The most shocking part of the conversation about any level was about this one. What was said that was so jaw-dropping?

"I think we've weighted it a bit more in favor of the Grabber," Ralph said, which left me in complete disbelief. "That's what the programmers tell me, although it doesn't feel like that."

Apparently, the "hit box" around the tail is larger than the tail itself.


One tip the designers said was don't run in while pressing grab, you'll slow down. Don't grab until the last possible second. It will take some practice, but you'll get the timing down, especially if you play it enough.

What about positioning? Hang around beneath the central platform and try to surprise players with tails who are running through.


This was the first level that the company internally said, "this is a Fall Guys level". It all went uphill (or downhill, depending on how well you're doing) from there.

When approaching the hammers, try to run in the direction they're spinning and slow down slightly to match their speed!


This is the level that puts diving mid air to good use. If you haven't learned this already, learn it quickly! It will save you in MANY situations.

Check out ActionJaxon doing it here, at the 14-second mark:

But it's not just while jumping from platform to platform that you should dive in midair -- keep this in mind as well: Always dive as you're falling. This will slow you down slightly and buy precious time.


This one might be the most "exhibit patience even when you feel you can't" level in the whole game. It's too irresistible to just try and run through, no matter what the see saw angle is, but ... don't. Just don't.

Never try to jump up the see saws as this can cause you to ragdoll and fall over!


Another one all about positioning -- noticing a theme yet? In some levels it's not always a good idea to stick with the crowd!

In the turnstiles, players tend to get crowded in the middle. If you can, head for the sides and pass through the moving walls there!


Look at the arrows, heed the arrows, let the arrows guide you!

Even if the route seems longer, it's always faster to follow the direction of the turntables than to go against it.


I despise this level. The jump dive is a good one to use here too!

There are always two generated paths, and finding the road less traveled will see you far more likely to succeed.


The level that infuriates you, but in teams!

If you have a tail, try grabbing opposing players with tails and allow your teammates to grab theirs!


If you played NES games, I feel like you would be very good at this level. Transferable skills.

Don't be tempted to grab your opponents - more often than not, this will send you falling down with them!


Being hit by fruit at least 12 times in this level seems absolutely inevitable. I just accept it, sulk and move on.

Try to avoid jumping or diving once you're on the conveyor belt as this will only slow you down.


Sadly, having played soccer doesn't help too much here ... unless you're Sergio Aguero. But you might not have thought of this one, use it to your advantage!

Dropping into the goals will respawn you at the centre circle, meaning you can get back to the action faster!


Work. As. A. Team!

Aim to move the ball diagonally through the pillars so that you don't waste time trying to change directions.


Remember the hit box of the tail for this one too and again, DON'T run while pressing grab!

Try to predict where the player with the tail is running and surprise them rather than just chasing behind them.


According to the level designers, this level is one of the hardest levels in the game, especially because it has a time limit. You'll need reps on this one!

Don't rush - doesn't matter if you finish last, just as long as you finish!


This is a game of score checking! It's almost as important as looking at your own score, to see where your opponents are at at all times.

Check which team is closest to you points-wise and ensure that they don't steal balls from the other opposing team.


I felt like after a few rounds of playing this one I could get into a groove with it, I felt in tune with everything that was happening. Then I was eliminated.

If you're on a single platform, chances are it's going to fall -- try to jump dive to a platform with another next to it.


This is my personal least favorite level, but it's also the easiest level if you played this game in third grade.

If you're playing with friends, try to spread the amount of tiles you're remembering between you!

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If you have good timing, you're ahead of the pack in this level.

When you see the doors split into two routes, aim for the central doors, as the side ones stay up for longer!


I'm always in doubt with this level, so I'm glad we are getting this piece of advice:

If in doubt, head for the center - hoops regularly spawn there and you can get a good view of the rest of the course.


What's worked for me is literally running from end to end and holding on for dear life until I qualify. Seems to work!

The central ring rotates the fastest -- try to stick to the sides and only move across if you have to.


I always miss the yellow platform to jump up... need to work on that timing!

There's about a 1 in 12 chance of making it through the large central spinner... good luck!


The first few times I played this level, I didn't know what being jinxed meant. I just relied on my teammates and survived.

Once you've been Jinxed, you can grab other Jinxed players on the opposite team to stop them getting to your teammates!