Luis Suarez hits back at Filipe Luis' complaint on Instagram

Luis Suarez has snapped back at Filipe Luis after the defender uploaded a photo on social media revealing a stud mark supposedly left by the Uruguayan forward.

The two players clashed in the 83rd minute of Wednesday's 1-1 draw between Barca and Atletico Madrid at Camp Nou, with Suarez cautioned as a result.

Within minutes of the match ending, Luis posted a photo on his Instagram account of a bloody right foot alongside the ironic caption: "At least he didn't touch me."

Asked about the Brazilian left-back's decision to publish the photo, Suarez gave a stinging response.

"Football is for men," he told reporters after the game.

"Everything stays on the pitch. If everyone uploaded what happens [on the pitch to social media accounts] the game would become a circus."

It's not the first time an opposition player has taken to social media to complain about treatment from Suarez.

Valencia defender Aymen Abdennour took the same action after last season's 1-1 draw at the Mestalla.

Menos mal que no me toca! ��

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The Tunisian centre-back felt the former Liverpool front man had stamped on him and posted the apparent evidence on Instagram with the comment "#Suarez."

Suarez denied any wrongdoing: "I stepped on him without meaning to. We met in the tunnel and I gave him my hand to shake.

"I took [the Instagram post] as funny. If you were to show off every blow, every little thing that happens on the pitch..."