South Carolina State's Tyvoris Solomon released from hospital

South Carolina State's Ty Solomon, who collapsed during a game last weekend when his heart stopped, was released from the hospital on Thursday and made a surprise appearance at his team's game before heading home to Charleston, South Carolina.

"I was in the middle of my pregame talk when he and his father walked in," South Carolina State coach Murray Garvin told ESPN. "It was so good to see him. All the players jumped out of their lockers."

Solomon collapsed on the bench and had to be revived during the Bulldogs' game against NC State on Saturday. He was rushed to UNC Rex Hospital and went through multiple tests before being discharged on Thursday.

"It's still a long road to recovery for him, but it was so good to see him up and walking," added Garvin, who said Solomon stayed for the first 15 minutes or so of the team's victory over Brevard College.

Solomon, a senior point guard and captain, collapsed while on the bench with 13:08 remaining in the first half on Saturday. South Carolina State's athletic trainer, Tyler Long, helped resuscitate Solomon using CPR, while emergency medical personnel used an automated external defibrillator.

"We're not sure whether he'll play again," Garvin said. "But right now we just want him to be healthy and live the best life possible."

"We also really want to thank everyone for their support and prayers," he added. "We appreciate everything."