Cubs' Almora wants change after foul ball hits girl

ST. LOUIS -- Chicago Cubs outfielder Albert Almora Jr. is hopeful the young girl who was struck by a foul ball off his bat on Wednesday night will make a "full recovery."

Speaking about the incident Friday before the Cubs played the St. Louis Cardinals, he joined in on a chorus of people calling for the MLB to do more to protect fans.

"I hope this never happens again. So whatever the league has to do to make that happen. ... I don't think any kid that goes to a baseball game with their parents or loved one should worry about making out unhealthy," Almora said. "I don't think that should ever cross their mind. So whatever the league needs to do to do that, that should be in place."

Almora was visibly shaken several different times during the game at Minute Maid Park in Houston on Wednesday, eventually letting his emotions come out in a huge hug with a security guard near where the fan was hit. By Friday, the 25-year-old was processing the moment much better.

"I've had a great support group around me, from my family back home and I can't speak enough about my teammates," he said. "This has been something I'll never forget in the way my support system is around me and how many people actually care.

"Everyone can be happy and jolly when things are going well but, excuse my language, when the s--- hits the fan, and people are around and show up, that's when it counts."

Asked how he was dealing with the whole incident, Almora responded: "I thought I was going to be a lot worse but this isn't about me. I'm not in the hospital."

On Wednesday, after the game, Almora committed to having a lifelong relationship with the fan. He's anxious to do that once the family feels it's time.

"Hopefully all is well and she's going to make a full recovery, God willing, but it's something I'll never forget for the rest of my life," Almora said. "When they're ready, I'll do whatever I can do to put a smile on that little girl's face."