Here are the ESL African Championship grand finalists

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After a gruelling seven-week group stage, the second season of the ESL African Championship drew to a close last night.

After seven matches each for the North and South African teams, the top four has proven their worth and will be competing to be crowned overall champion at rAge in October.

In a format that will be revealed close to rAge, the four teams will battle it out determine the best team from each region, and will then go on to compete against the opposing region for the title of Africa's best CSGO team.

Not only do the teams stand to win a lot of money for their efforts, but international casters Lauren 'Pansy' Scott and Jason 'Moses' O'Toole will be lending their casting abilities and trademark style to the talent deck of the grand finals, alongside a host of local commentators, panelists and analysts.

North Africa


Algeria's Limitless.gg was the first team to book their seat at the finals table, having crossed the point threshold just over a week ago.

Starting the tournament seeded fourth, players Jada, Kheops, LYNNE, Markovic, Remind, Robben, and Tusa made short work of the competition.

Out of the seven matches it played, it managed to win five matches and draw only two. It ended the group stages with a total of 17 points - six points more than second-placed Vibora.


Speaking of Vibora, by the time Limitless.gg secured their spot in the finals it was still up in the air as to who would be able to make the definitive jump into the finals. Morocco's Vibora did exactly that last night, drawing with Tunisia With Love in their last match.

The team has less impressive statistics than Limitless.gg, winning only two matches and drawing the remaining five. Never the less, Vibora still ended the group stages three points ahead of its nearest rival on the leaderboard.

South Africa

Bravado Gaming

One of the most well-known esports teams in South Africa, it is hardly surprising that Bravado managed to make it into the final.

With that said, the team didn't have an easy ride into the top four, and their spot was only secured in the last match of the group stages.

Finishing with 19 points overall, Bravado's road to the final consisted of six wins and one draw. Ironically, the only draw was against bitter rivals Energy CS, who is the second South African team to make it to the finals.

Energy CS

Players Domsterr, flexeeee, kanii, and takbok had a similar journey to the finals as Bravado, winning five matches and only drawing two - one of which was against Bravado.

Also competing in season one, Bravado is the only team that has been able to beat Energy CS in the ESL African Championship.

While it had a pretty good run in the group stages, it was also a bit of a close call into second place. The team finished the group stages with 17 points - only one point ahead of third-placed Big 5 eSports.