Call of Duty League to transition to PC play with controllers

Brian Bencomo

The Call of Duty League has announced that Season 2 will transition to PC play with controllers, moving away from consoles.

The league made the official statement in a blog post released early Monday morning. Players will have a choice of which controller they use, according to the post: "This change provides players with expanded choice of controller, allowing them to select the League-approved controller style that works best for their game. More details and rules pertaining to peripherals will be released at a future date."

This marks the first time that an entire competitive Call of Duty season will not be played on console.

Toronto Ultra head coach Mark "MarkyB" Bryceland welcomed the change.

OverActive Media Group (who own the Toronto Ultra) co-founder Adam "Grazen" Adamou echoed those sentiments, tweeting, "Very excited by these changes. The move to PC w/ controller gives the league the best of both worlds. We can control the network / updates / security / patches / framerates and see significant performance improvements while maintaining the best of console culture."

Others have concerns over the increased risks of PC hacking and disruption due to the move. Atlanta FaZe player Chris "Simp" Lehr tweeted, "All I'm saying is there better be some good anti cheat for Cold War, we don't need jimmy neutron and his little gang hacking and making it worse for everyone"

The league also announced that Call of Duty Challengers will go crossplay, meaning competitors can choose to compete on console or PC. PC users, however, must use a league-approved controller to compete, as using a mouse and keyboard during competition will be prohibited.