CSKA Sofia coach denies over-acting after snowball attack

CSKA Sofia coach Stoycho Mladenov says he has medical evidence to prove he was knocked unconscious by a snowball thrown by Levski Sofia fans after he was accused of "over-acting" during Saturday's "Eternal derby."

Levski supporters were shown pelting the CSKA players with snowballs at the Vasil Levski National Stadium and, around seven minutes into his side's 3-0 win, Mladenov was struck in the head. A confrontation followed between the two sides and the match was delayed by several minutes.

After the match, he said he was "hit on the head, fell and lost consciousness within seconds," adding: "What next? Losing your life? Do we not value human life anymore? How long can these people do whatever they want?

"This is not the first or second offence for Levski fans, which means they can be kicked out of the league."

His assistant, Anatoli Nankov, said the fourth official was informed at the start of the game that the CSKA players were being pelted with snowballs but replied that "their behaviour was normal."

Mladenov continued: "They were not prepared for this match at the stadium, but this is the most explosive match in Bulgaria."

However, the head of Levski's national fan club, Vladimir Vladimirov, accused Mladenov of exaggerating the incident.

He was quoted by Reuters as saying: "Children play with snowballs the whole winter but I haven't heard of anyone who has collapsed. It was disgusting to watch -- his over-acting was so poor."

Mladenov, though, told Fakti that it was "a very serious incident," adding: "The snowball hit me with such force that I lost consciousness for a moment. The doctor had to use smelling salts.

"The punishment is down to the commission, but I have a medical report and if proof is needed I will provide it."

However, he insisted to Trud: "I have all the documents, but I don't want to 'murder' Levski. If someone from the football federation asks for the medical report, I'll give it to them."