Matt Jurman overcomes brutal head injury to see out draw for Sydney

If Sydney FC fans needed any further confirmation that Matt Jurman is as tough as they come, they got it on Saturday night.

Not to be put off by a killer cut above his right eye which later required 10 stitches, a heavily bandaged Jurman got straight back into it against Adelaide United.

He could never have predicted his first three touches on return to the Allianz Stadium pitch would all be headers, and all within the space of a minute.

Each was toasted with a lively cheer from the Sky Blues' faithful, a jaunty recognition of the hard-as-nails centre-back's bravery following a horrible head clash with United's James Holland.

"I was like, `oh, fair enough I'll keep at it then,'" Jurman said.

"It was just a magnet to my head and I thought, `how many times is this going to happen tonight?'"

Minutes earlier there had been concern after Jurman collided forcefully with Holland in an aerial challenge in the box during the goalless draw.

As Holland went to ground, his Sydney counterpart spun away clutching at his eye and flicking blood away as it streamed down his face.

The 26-year-old admitted initially "freaking out a bit" as the team doctor and physio rushed out to stem the flow.

"I thought I was going to score and then next minute I was looking at my hands and had blood everywhere, it was leaking out of my head," Jurman said.

"I didn't know how bad it was but to see blood coming out that quick, I thought it was quite bad.

"I started walking off and then realised the game wouldn't stop, so I stayed on and got treatment.

"But it's nothing that hasn't happened before."

In fact, it has happened to Jurman before.

During Sydney's 2014-15 Grand Final loss to Melbourne Victory, a flailing elbow from former Brisbane teammate Besart Berisha left him bandaged and needing stitches.

That split was slightly lower and Jurman played much of the decider barely able to see out of one eye.

It was the same stubborn will to play on that has him certain he'll be fine for Wednesday night's FFA Cup final against Melbourne City.

"I told them I have to be ready so they better figure out something quick," he said.

"I think it'll be fine -- you stitch it up and hopefully it recovers pretty quick."