Mario Lemina set for Juventus talks over lack of playing time

Mario Lemina says he is going to sit down with Juventus to discuss his future because he wants to be playing more regularly.

Lemina, 23, appeared in 23 Serie A matches this season, although he started only eight of them.

The midfielder is contracted to the Bianconeri for a further three seasons and while he says he would be happy to see out that contract he also wants to know he will be playing more frequently.

"We're going to have a meeting and we'll have to see what is decided," he told Footmercato.net. "We will agree in all honesty what we will do next season. Let's just see what Juve have to say. At the moment, I still have three years on my contract here despite not getting the amount of playing time that I would have liked.

"We'll have our talk when I get back to preseason. The transfer market is open for a long time. There are a few clubs I wouldn't mind in Ligue 1. If I were to leave Juve, then I would like to get to know another club abroad.

"Frankly, I don't think that [Lyon] could interest me. I am 100 percent Marseillais. Given the rivalry between Marseille and Lyon, that would not be one of the projects that could attract me. I don't think going back to Marseille would be a good idea in terms of my personal development either."

A move to the Premier League has also been touted, with Watford and Arsenal reported as potential suitors, and Lemina appears more open to that.

"Of course it flatters me because personally I've never had any doubts about my qualities," he said. "I'm at a very big club now, but it's flattering when other clubs show an interest. I don't prefer any league over another. It would have to be a feeling with the sporting directors, who really wanted me. It all comes down to that."

The Gabon international is not going to head into those talks demanding a transfer, however, saying that he is nevertheless happy with life in Turin.

"I'm not frustrated because this is still a club who reached the final of the Champions League," he said. "It's a great club with great players and I'm really not frustrated, but it's true that at my age, you look to be playing.

"It's true that at Juventus you don't get the opportunities you might get at other clubs, but it's still been positive.

"It's been a very fulfilling season with a few trophies won, so it's still positive. I'm very happy with the path we have followed and on a personal level, I played around 20 games, which isn't bad at a club like Juventus.

"Playing alongside the players who are here only helps you learn on a daily basis, and gain more experience. It also teaches you how to manage complicated situations. [Gianluigi Buffon] has also given me a lot of advice. Whether it is he or the other defenders, or experienced players, there always something positive to get from them.

"I think I've developed mentally. I've learnt how to control my emotions and I've also gained a lot of experience. I think that individual qualities, when you get to a club like Juventus, don't make all that much difference, unless you are a player like Paulo Dybala. I think it's more on a mental or tactical level that you learn when you come to Juve and Italy."