Shohei Ohtani to Dodgers: Grading record $700 million contract

Shohei Ohtani is headed to the Dodgers on a contract that blows away any in the history of the sport. Here's what to make of the 10-year deal. ESPN

There has never been a player like Shohei Ohtani. There has never been a contract like this -- $700 million!?!? He's a franchise-altering unicorn, a one-of-a-kind miracle. He was so good in 2023 that he won his second unanimous Most Valuable Player Award -- becoming the first player ever to do that twice -- even though he appeared in just three games in September. As a hitter, he's coming off one of the greatest offensive seasons in recent years, leading the majors in OPS with the eighth-highest weighted runs created metric since 2010. As a pitcher, he allowed the second-lowest batting average and had the fourth-highest strikeout rate among those with at least 100 innings pitched.