Updated 2024 top 50 MLB prospects: Skenes, Holliday, more

James Wood, Jackson Holliday, Jackson Jobe and Paul Skenes ESPN

Nearly two months into the 2024 MLB season, most of the big prospect promotions we've been waiting for have happened and many of the best young players going into the season have graduated from top 100 eligibility.

And since this is also the time of year when the conversation across the sport shifts into trade speculation, it's the perfect opportunity to update my minor league prospect rankings -- just before some of these players appear in deals over the coming months.

This list is my first update to the offseason Top 100 prospects list. You can read that intro for info on the Future Value (FV) tiers and deeper scouting reports. Players in the big leagues are eligible for this update (MLB rookie eligibility rules apply here -- 130 at-bats, 50 innings pitched or 45 days on the active roster), but players projected to lose eligibility in the next week or so are not included.

To be clear, these are those players who have graduated (or are about to) this season, taking them out of the mix for a spot: Jackson Chourio (No. 2 on my preseason Top 100), Wyatt Langford (No. 4), Evan Carter (No. 6), Jackson Merrill (No. 12), Pete Crow-Armstrong (No. 18), Masyn Winn (No. 20), Kyle Harrison (No. 36), Colt Keith (No. 40), Jordan Wicks (No. 41), Parker Meadows (No. 45), Curtis Mead (No. 47), Colton Cowser (No. 50), Jared Jones (No. 53), Brayan Rocchio (No. 79), Austin Wells (No. 82), Andy Pages (No. 87), and Joey Ortiz (No. 91).

I've also included where the top prospects in the upcoming 2024 MLB draft will slot upon being taken this summer (players listed in italics with an asterisk in these rankings), so this list can be a reference through the draft and trade deadline in July.

Now on to the top 50, along with the 10 players who just missed out.