2024 MLB draft: Complete order of picks for every round

The 2024 MLB draft will take place in Fort Worth, Texas, from July 14-16 as the Texas Rangers host MLB All-Star Week festivities. The opening rounds will start at 5 p.m. ET on July 14 on ESPN, with the remainder of the draft beginning at noon ET on July 15 and July 16.

The Cleveland Guardians have the No. 1 pick, with the Cincinnati Reds, Colorado Rockies, Oakland Athletics and Chicago White Sox picking in the top five. They will be among the teams eyeing a strong class of college stars highlighted by Georgia's Charlie Condon, Oregon State's Travis Bazzana and Florida's Jac Caglianone.

When does your favorite team pick in every round of the draft? Here's a pick-by-pick look at all 20 rounds.

Mock Draft 1.0 | Ranking the top 150-plus prospects

Complete 2024 MLB draft order: First round

1. Cleveland Guardians

2. Cincinnati Reds

3. Colorado Rockies

4. Oakland Athletics

5. Chicago White Sox

6. Kansas City Royals

7. St. Louis Cardinals

8. Los Angeles Angels

9. Pittsburgh Pirates

10. Washington Nationals

11. Detroit Tigers

12. Boston Red Sox

13. San Francisco Giants

14. Chicago Cubs

15. Seattle Mariners

16. Miami Marlins

17. Milwaukee Brewers

18. Tampa Bay Rays

19. New York Mets

20. Toronto Blue Jays

21. Minnesota Twins

22. Baltimore Orioles

23. Los Angeles Dodgers

24. Atlanta Braves

25. San Diego Padres

26. New York Yankees

27. Philadelphia Phillies

28. Houston Astros

29. Arizona Diamondbacks

30. Texas Rangers

Prospect Promotion Incentive picks

Awarded for having a preseason top 100 prospect on team's Opening Day roster who went on to win Rookie of the Year Award.

31. Arizona Diamondbacks

32. Baltimore Orioles

Compensation picks

33. Minnesota Twins (Compensation for Sonny Gray; Cardinals forfeited their second-round pick for signing Gray)

Competitive balance round A

The 10 smallest markets or 10 smallest revenue pools receive an additional pick at the end of the first or second round ( The groups alternate between the two rounds each year and competitive balance picks can be traded)

34. Milwaukee Brewers (Acquired from Orioles in Corbin Burnes trade)

35. Arizona Diamondbacks

36. Cleveland Guardians

37. Pittsburgh Pirates

38. Colorado Rockies

39. Kansas City Royals

Second round

Angles, Astros, Cardinals and Giants forfeited second-round picks after signing qualified free agents.

40. Oakland Athletics

41. Kansas City Royals

42. Colorado Rockies

43. Chicago White Sox

44. Washington Nationals

45. Los Angeles Angels

46. New York Mets

47. Pittsburgh Pirates

48. Cleveland Guardians

49. Detroit Tigers

50. Boston Red Sox

51. Cincinnati Reds

52. San Diego Padres

53. New York Yankees

54. Chicago Cubs

55. Seattle Mariners

56. Miami Marlins

57. Milwaukee Brewers

58. Tampa Bay Rays

59. Toronto Blue Jays

60. Minnesota Twins

61. Baltimore Orioles

62. Atlanta Braves

63. Philadelphia Phillies

64. Arizona Diamondbacks

65. Texas Rangers

Competitive balance round B

66. Tampa Bay Rays

67. Milwaukee Brewers

68. Chicago White Sox (Acquired from Mariners in Gregory Santos trade)

69. Minnesota Twins

70. Miami Marlins

71. Cincinnati Reds

72. Detroit Tigers

73. Oakland Athletics

Compensation picks

74. Los Angeles Angels (Compensation for Shohei Ohtani; Dodgers forfeited second- and fifth-round picks for signing Ohtani)

Third round

75. Oakland Athletics

76. Kansas City Royals

77. Colorado Rockies

78. Chicago White Sox

79. Washington Nationals

80. St. Louis Cardinals

81. Los Angeles Angels

82. New York Mets

83. Pittsburgh Pirates

84. Cleveland Guardians

85. Detroit Tigers

86. Boston Red Sox

87. Cincinnati Reds

88. San Diego Padres

89. New York Yankees

90. Chicago Cubs

91. Seattle Mariners

92. Miami Marlins

93. Milwaukee Brewers

94. Tampa Bay Rays

95. Toronto Blue Jays

96. Minnesota Twins

97. Baltimore Orioles

98. Los Angeles Dodgers

99. Atlanta Braves

100. Philadelphia Phillies

101. Houston Astros

102. Arizona Diamondbacks

103. Texas Rangers

Fourth round

104. Oakland Athletics

105. Kansas City Royals

106. Colorado Rockies

107. Chicago White Sox

108. Washington Nationals

109. St. Louis Cardinals

110. Los Angeles Angels

111. New York Mets

112. Pittsburgh Pirates

113. Cleveland Guardians

114. Detroit Tigers

115. Boston Red Sox

116. San Francisco Giants

117. Cincinnati Reds

118. San Diego Padres

119. New York Yankees

120. Chicago Cubs

121. Seattle Mariners

122. Miami Marlins

123. Milwaukee Brewers

124. Tampa Bay Rays

125. Toronto Blue Jays

126. Minnesota Twins

127. Baltimore Orioles

128. Los Angeles Dodgers

129. Atlanta Braves

130. Philadelphia Phillies

131. Houston Astros

132. Arizona Diamondbacks

133. Texas Rangers

Compensation picks

If team that loses a qualifying free agent does not receive revenue sharing and exceeded the luxury-tax salary threshold the previous season, it is awarded a comp pick after the fourth round.

134. San Diego Padres (Compensation for Josh Hader; Astros forfeited second-round pick for signing Hader.)

135. San Diego Padres (Compensation for Blake Snell; Giants forfeited third-round pick for signing Snell.)

136. Toronto Blue Jays (Compensation for Matt Chapman; Giants forfeited second-round pick for signing Chapman.)

Fifth round

137. Oakland Athletics

138. Kansas City Royals

139. Colorado Rockies

140. Chicago White Sox

141. Washington Nationals

142. St. Louis Cardinals

143. Los Angeles Angels

144. New York Mets

145. Pittsburgh Pirates

146. Cleveland Guardians

147. Detroit Tigers

148. Boston Red Sox

149. San Francisco Giants

150. Cincinnati Reds

151. San Diego Padres

152. New York Yankees

153. Chicago Cubs

154. Seattle Mariners

155. Miami Marlins

156. Milwaukee Brewers

157. Tampa Bay Rays

158. Toronto Blue Jays

159. Minnesota Twins

160. Baltimore Orioles

161. Atlanta Braves

162. Philadelphia Phillies

163. Houston Astros

164. Arizona Diamondbacks

165. Texas Rangers

Order for remaining rounds

Oakland Athletics

Chicago White Sox

Los Angeles Angels

Cleveland Guardians

San Francisco Giants

New York Yankees

Miami Marlins

Toronto Blue Jays

Los Angeles Dodgers

Houston Astros

Kansas City Royals

Washington Nationals

New York Mets

Detroit Tigers

Cincinnati Reds

Chicago Cubs

Milwaukee Brewers

Minnesota Twins

Atlanta Braves

Arizona Diamondbacks

Colorado Rockies

St. Louis Cardinals

Pittsburgh Pirates

Boston Red Sox

San Diego Padres

Seattle Mariners

Tampa Bay Rays

Baltimore Orioles

Philadelphia Phillies

Texas Rangers