No charges after police called in domestic incident involving FSU QB Deondre Francois

Tallahassee police responded to an alleged domestic violence incident involving Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois on Tuesday evening, according to an incident report released Wednesday.

Nobody was charged, and the case was closed after the responding officer determined there was not enough probable cause to make an arrest for battery because Francois and the woman involved gave different accounts of what happened.

According to the incident report, Francois called police and told them his ex-girlfriend "was in his home, breaking things and tearing up his room." Francois told police that he and the woman were continuing a past argument, and he asked her to leave the home they shared together. Francois said she became angry and started to break things and threw a vase across the room.

Francois told police he tried to stop her by picking her up "like a hug" and tried to carry her outside so she would not break anything else. Francois also told police she started ripping her shirt while saying, "I'm going to call the cops for domestic violence."

Francois called police because she kept trying to break more things in their residence, he said.

The woman said the argument began because Francois grew upset that a friend of his tried to "talk to her." She said Francois broke down the bedroom door, picked her up, threw her onto the ground and cut her forearm, and tried to physically kick her out of the residence.

The woman told police she was nine weeks pregnant and that she had previously told Francois about the pregnancy, so "he should have known."

The woman said she did not want to press charges and told police she did not want Francois to get into "trouble trouble," but she wanted police to speak with him "to scare him a little."

FSU running back Zaquandre White witnessed the altercation and told police the woman got upset and started throwing glasses everywhere and broke a vase. He added that the woman locked herself in Francois' room and tried to break a television. White also told police that Francois had to defend himself when the woman "swung at him."

Francois told police the woman got the cut on her arm from the vase, and he did not believe she was pregnant.

Francois missed nearly all of 2017 after sustaining a season-ending knee injury in the opener against Alabama. He is expected to be healthy for the start of the 2018 season.

Florida State had no comment at this time.