NBA mock draft: 58 picks as trade talks heat up for 30 teams

Cody Williams, Matas Buzelis and Devin Carter are projected top-12 players in ESPN's latest mock draft. ESPN

The 2024 NBA draft in New York is a week away (June 26-27 on ABC/ESPN/ESPN+), and the 30 teams are well into their pre-draft process for working out top candidates and narrowing down their draft boards, helping us get a better feel for how the first round, especially, might unfold.

Trade talks are at an early stage but beginning to take shape to an extent as different scenarios are being laid out from NBA decision-makers depending on how the draft evolves.

The Atlanta Hawks, who won the draft lottery to claim the No. 1 pick, seem to be honing in on either Zaccharie Risacher or Donovan Clingan but might have trade opportunities at their disposal on draft night, especially if the San Antonio Spurs are interested in making a deal.

Hawks general manager Landry Fields said Monday the Hawks are currently satisfied with their situation. "Today, we're planning on picking one," Fields said. "I don't think it would be wise for us not to go over scenarios, even ones that may present later on with different teams."

There's still lots left to play out over the coming week, but ranges for players are being solidified as NBA teams voted on the 25 players they'd like to see invited to the Barclays Center green room, with a handful more players to be added still to the 21-player list that has already been revealed.

Draft experts Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo considered the draft board and the likely players available at each spot to update the ESPN 2024 NBA mock draft accordingly. Their latest mock, which reflects exhaustive evaluation of the 2024 draft class and considers intel gathered from conversations with scouts and front office personnel, also accounts for picks owed and owned by all 30 teams.

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First round

1. Atlanta Hawks