'Clipped' miniseries: Catching up on the story and how to watch

The Sterling Affairs (0:30)

30 for 30 Podcasts and The Undefeated present The Sterling Affairs, a multipart podcast series that examines former Clippers owner Donald Sterling's rags-to-riches rise, unlikely role as an NBA team owner and ultimate downfall. (0:30)

The new miniseries "Clipped" (the first two episodes are streaming now on Hulu) is the story of power and scandal in Los Angeles. When an audio recording of a racist rant by former Clippers owner Donald Sterling was leaked online in 2014, it changed the NBA forever.

"Clipped" is based on the original podcast "The Sterling Affairs," which details Sterling's struggles as the owner of the Clippers, his marriage and the tape that broke the story resulting in his lifetime ban from the NBA. The series stars Ed O'Neill as Sterling as well as Laurence Fishburne, Cleopatra Coleman and Jacki Weaver. The six-episode miniseries concludes on July 2.

"The Sterling Affairs" was originally a five-part series from 30 for 30 Podcasts and The Undefeated, produced in collaboration with Western Sound. The series is reported and hosted by ESPN's Ramona Shelburne. All five episodes are available now at 30for30podcasts.com/sterling.

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'Let's talk Clipped' podcast

Welcome to Let's Talk Clipped, a companion podcast for FX's Clipped, a Hulu sports drama based on the 30 for 30 Podcasts series, The Sterling Affairs. Each week, ESPN Senior Writer Ramona Shelburne, host and reporter of The Sterling Affairs and executive producer of Clipped, sits down with cast and writers from the show to talk about the latest episodes.

Listen to original 'The Sterling Affairs' podcast

All five episodes of the 30 for 30 Podcast series are available now:

Episode 1: 'That Tape'
The explosive tape of Donald Sterling breaks the internet. Ramona Shelburne explains how a fight between V. Stiviano and Shelly Sterling lit the match.

Episode 2: 'Showtime'
Nothing explains where Donald Sterling fits into the L.A. scene better than his relationship with the Lakers, Jerry Buss and Showtime. Everything came easy for Buss; everything Sterling did reeked of desperation.

Episode 3: 'Property'
Donald and Shelly grew up in the poor neighborhood of Boyle Heights, and as they built their real estate empire and bought the Clippers, they worked hard to reinvent themselves. As part of that reinvention, however, Donald Sterling also engaged in womanizing and housing discrimination -- and was rarely held accountable.

Episode 4: 'Fallout'
With the threat of players boycotting playoff games in protest, for once it was the players -- not the owners -- who had the power to hold Sterling accountable. New commissioner Adam Silver heard the outcry and banned Sterling for life.

Episode 5: 'Not Fit'
Sterling's ban was a bold statement, but the devil was in the details. Sterling still owned the team. Ultimately, this drama was going to be resolved where it started -- in court, with Donald and Shelly. And in a Shakespearean move, Shelly had her husband of 60 years declared mentally unfit in order to seize control of the team and sell the franchise.

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