New high school girls' basketball player rankings

Alex Eschmeyer is one of the top risers in the next recruiting cycle. USAB

The busy recruitment season in club basketball is here. The two spring evaluation periods have taken place, the USAB U18 and U17 Trials have concluded, and summer teams will prepare this month for the various circuit championships taking place in July.

But these days, when is it not heavy recruitment season for these prospects? There are more media and fan eyes on the recruits' every move than ever with elite All-Star-caliber events, high-level schedules and TV games the new normal.

The 2025, 2026 and 2027 classes are in different phases of their development and recruitment. What does that environment look like for the recruiting cycles, and who are some of the names to note?

After observing these classes and analyzing all of the elements for a rankings update -- in particular the U17 and U18 USA Trials -- there are some concerns to address in terms of their development, projection and preparation for the next level and beyond.

The players in these classes still need more exposure to elite competition, and there are areas for them to work on over the summer. Few seem to want to break the ice and take the lead on the court. They also do not convert from offense to defense or vice versa quickly enough; the game is one of a multitude of decisions per game, and a lot of that happens in those transitional moments. Their overall defensive habits, particularly off the ball, and their knowledge of offensive actions -- cohesiveness and how to attack a switch as a unit -- need improvement, but that is where the summer circuit can influence their style of play.

We have updated and expanded the rankings for each of these classes: 2025 to the Top 100, 2026 to the Super 60, and 2027 gets its debut of the Terrific 25.

2025 risers

The 2025 class has now expanded to the Top 100. Most important, they are all playing at the 17U level in the elite club situations in which they compete -- making the playing field much more even for all. Who are the steady risers in this class and who will be next?

Alex Eschmeyer (ESPNW No. 33)
Peak to Peak Charter School (Colorado) | Colorado Hoopsters P24

The physical improvements over the last year for Eschmeyer are outstanding. She has gotten stronger and bouncier in her base and was outrunning everyone to the rim at the recent USAB U17 Trials. She has proven she has range out beyond the 3-point line and is comfortable putting the ball on the floor for a few bounces when attacking the rim. Her improvement in back to basket comfort and finishing around the rim have increased as well. At 6-foot-5, she is long and tall and knows how to use it to her advantage defensively -- walling up, the occasional switch onto a perimeter player, and challenging shots in the paint as the primary or help defender. She has committed to Stanford next season.

Taliyah Henderson (ESPNW No. 21)
Salpointe Catholic (Arizona) | Jason Kidd Select P24

Henderson is an elite athlete who is discovering an emerging skill set improvement. She has spent much of her time in high school as a forward and because of increased experience on the perimeter coupled with an improving long range shot and handle, she finds herself quite the hot commodity. She has a strong frame and is a tenacious defender and has that natural athlete feel for the game (the kind where you could put her on any court or field and she'd find a way to make a difference). The left-hander has always been strong on the glass with a solid base of fundamental skills, but recently she has added better finishing around the rim with her off hand and is displaying the ability to stretch the defense with her ability to knock down 3s, making her a tough close-out with her speed, explosiveness, and power. She will gain more valuable experience with the Canadian U18 team in FIBA Americas this June.

Offers: Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland, Arizona, Utah, TCU, Michigan, North Carolina, and Illinois

Danielle Osho (ESPNW No. 34)
Hebron Christian (Georgia) | FBC United UA

Osho has always brought an intense competitive motor to the floor. She's transformed from a hard-nosed forward type of game to an expansion that allows her to be a full-time perimeter player with the added physicality.

Osho has also added the outside shot to her game to go along with her distribution. She was 42.9% from the 3 at the first Under Armour stop of the season. Her crafty passing, particularly into the post, is notable and she is an all-out defender who will deny hard on the wing and battle inside for rebounding position.

Her recruitment includes Pitt, Memphis, Boston College, Arizona, Auburn, George Washington, Georgia Tech, Central Florida, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, and Arizona State.

Next up: Class of 2025

Kaelyn Carroll (ESPNW No. 29)
Tabor Academy (Massachusetts) | Bay State Jags UA

Carroll is comfortable all over the court and fits the mold as a stretch-forward. If she can add strength and physicality defensively, she will rise up the rankings as she already has mismatch potential on the offense given her shooting and driving ability.

Libby Fandel (ESPNW No. 41)
Xavier HS (Iowa) | All Iowa Attack EYBL

Fandel has always shown a knack for understanding the flow of the game and making fundamental plays. She has become more assertive and provides a lot of value to a loaded All Iowa club team: At the last EYBL stop, she shot 47.6% from 3, 87.5% from the free throw line. She has a positive assist/turnover ratio as well and contributes nearly five rebounds a game. As a 6-foot guard/wing, she also plays volleyball, so the promise of potential if she becomes a full-time basketball player is solid.

Manuella Fernandez (ESPNW No. 64)
Central Pointe Christian (Florida) | Essence EYBL

Fernandez has advanced footwork in the post and a long, broad frame that will allow her to battle inside. She moves well and is a physical defender. As her production becomes more consistent, her stock will rise as the value of power forwards/posts who understand and accept their role inside is at an all-time high.

Bryn Martin (ESPNW No. 61)
Springboro HS (Ohio) | WV Thunder UA

Martin is a knock down shooter with some crafty elements to her game as a spacer. As she learns the finer details on the defensive end and adds some strength and more ballhandling experience in an elite setting this summer, expect her game to show more seasoning and improvement.

Cearah Parchment (ESPNW No. 39)
Fort Erie (Canada) | B1CE UA

Parchment's activity level and motor have shown a dramatic increase over the last years. She moves well without the ball and is a quality facilitator as well as a spot up 3-point shooter. As she gains strength and competes at an elite level this summer, her stock should rise and she will get the opportunity for international experience with Canada's U17 team this summer as well.

Lara Somfai (ESPNW No. 31)
IMG Academy (Florida) | FBC United UA

Somfai, a native of Australia, is an athletic and powerful forward who handles the ball well and is comfortable shooting the 3. As she continues to get accustomed to the speed on the perimeter in the United States, expect her game to show more realized potential. She will benefit from international experience this summer with her national squad.

Brooklyn Stewart (ESPNW No. 66)
Pine Creek HS (CO) | Hardwood Elite 3SSB

Stewart is a lengthy forward with a high motor -- taking advantage of her mobility on both ends. As she adds strength and learns the strategies of defense both inside and on the perimeter, expect her stock to rise. At the May adidas stop, she showed the ability to be a facilitator at the forward spot.

2026 emerging

This class has notable talent among its wing/small forward class. They have size and skill that make them truly versatile, proven beyond just potential now. This group will continue to develop and some will become full time perimeter players and some will form their game to be more effective as inside/outside players in terms of responsibility and role. Eleven of those players currently reside in the Top 25 of the ESPNW Rankings: Who's emerged already and who are the next to rise through the rankings?

Olivia Jones (ESPNW No. 17)
Long Island Lutheran (New York) | Exodus EYBL

Jones is shouldering a large load as a 2026 recruit at the 17U EYBL level. She is proving to be very efficient, however, averaging 12.4 points on 52% overall FG% and 49% from the 3-point line. A lot is expected of Jones at Long Island Lutheran as she will help take the reigns next season after a historical run by 2023-24 team. Jones is a hard-nosed defender who uses her size and length at the guard spot very well and understands game plans and schematics. Look for her assertiveness to continue to improve.

Offers: Ohio State, Arizona State, Maryland, Pitt, St. John's, Syracuse, Columbia, Harvard, Boston College, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Purdue.

Ashlyn Koupal (ESPNW No. 20)
Wagner HS (South Dakota) | Sanford Sports P24

Koupal had a breakout spring on the club circuit. A 6-2 wing with all the fundamental skills, she makes plays all over the floor in a variety of ways. She shows the ability to spot up for the 3, post up, and facilitate on offense where the game clearly makes sense to her. Most noticeably, she moves really well without the ball and is economical with her dribbles. There will be some adjustment as her rise will find her with opportunities to be on more elite floors in the near future, as well as the jump up to the 17U level providing some physical challenges. She has the tools to adjust accordingly and continue her rise in the ranks, however.

Her recruitment has expanded since April and includes: North Carolina, Nebraska, Indiana, Kansas, Utah, Creighton, Wisconsin, Colorado, South Dakota, Arkansas, TCU, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Utah, and Minnesota.

Emilia Krstevski (ESPNW No. 25)
Sierra Canyon HS (California) | Cal Storm Team Taurasi EYBL

As it goes with most improving bigs, Krstevski has gone from potential because of size and moderate mobility, to legitimate prospect with skills and physical prowess. She carves out space for post-ups and rebounds inside and finishes well with a nice touch at the rim. She has range out to the e-point line as well. As her game continues to refine, her left hand usage in and around the rim and paint should grow along with an improved free throw percentage overall. One of the more intriguing observations made this spring is Krstevski's lateral movement -- outstanding given her stature. Post players are a premium, and she is one of the best in the country.

Her recruitment includes: Ohio State, Arizona State, Iowa, Oklahoma, Purdue, and UCLA.

Next up: Class 2026

Arynn Finley (ESPNW No. 44)
Etiwanda (California) | Cal Sparks EYBL

Finley has been introduced to high-level basketball at Etiwanda and Cal Sparks. Both provide the big stage and intense competition as well as expectations. She is a savvy guard and as her production gets more consistent and she gains a more prominent role next season in high school, her game will continue to grow and evolve.

Shania James (ESPNW No. 42)
Example Academy | Example Sports UA

James brings relentless energy on the floor and truly competes up and down the court. She has a sharp handle, a flair to her game and carries herself as a "true hooper." As she gains strength and learns how to change pace and become more of a lead guard while reading the floor and in situational moments, she will continue to rise in the ranks.

KK Holman (ESPNW No. 47)
Hamilton Southeastern HS (Indiana) | IGB UA

Holman is an emerging point guard who brings an intensity to the floor that is easy to love. She is fearless regardless of her opponent and never seems to get tired. She is also a two-way player as a crafty finisher and a quality defender. As she improves her long-range shooting and shows the ability to create space for her jumper, her game will increase in value within recruiting circles.

2027 projections

These players just finished their freshman year in high school and their evaluations are a work in progress as their grades and rankings have a bit more of a projection element than the older classes. Some are experiencing truly elite basketball for the first time as well and are learning through the ramped up competition. This summer is a separation opportunity for them and is also a chance to refine their games before the high school season.

We have a (current) top of the class that has somewhat separated itself from the pack in and around the top five players. Who are some of the players that should emerge this summer and who's next up in the class?

Jezelle Banks (ESPNW No. 5)
Ursuline Academy (Delaware) |Team Durant EYBL

Banks is a hot name in the 2027 class right now who has impressed many college coaches this spring with her play on the 17U level for Team Durant of the EYBL. She has a playmaking savviness well beyond her years and has coupled it with a positive assist/turnover ratio -- she is fourth in the EYBL in assists overall. Banks breaks down defenders with a creative handle and makes plays for others with her distribution. As she improves her shooting efficiency numbers across the board, she will continue to affect the game further. Banks is patient in the pick and roll game and can make a variety of passes out of that scenario. She will need to learn the game more with the ball out of her hands on both ends, but she is a fearless young point guard and her future will be one to keep an eye on.

She is gaining the attention from all of the power conferences already.

Ryan Carter (ESPNW No. 7)
William Penn Charter (Pennsylvania) | Exodus EYBL

Carter is a lengthy guard with skill and speed that sets her apart in her class. She is cutting her teeth on the 17U level as well and dramatically improved her efficiency numbers from the April EYBL stop to the May EYBL stop -- her improved shot selection and patience within the halfcourt offense has been on display. She is a high-level defender in regards to her lateral movement in stance and anticipation, and as she learns the details of the game at the highest level of high school and club, expect continual improvement.

Her recruitment includes interest from all of the power conferences.

Qandace Samuels (ESPNW No. 8)
Bishop McNamara Club | Team Takeover EYBL

Samuels is a long wing with an advanced feel for the game. She competes against a high-level schedule in both high school and club, which has helped improve her game. She is a quality spot up shooter, but also attacks close-outs well, finding opportunities to slash or play make for others. She has a knack on the defensive end -- utilizing her length on the glass and passing lanes in the press. She plays with an edge, much like her older sister, Qadance, sophomore at UConn.

Much like the other high level rising soon-to-be sophomores, Samuels' recruiting interest comes from all of the power conferences.

Next up: Class of 2027

Micah Fusilier ESPNW No. 14
Camden HS (Arkansas) | Mavs Elite UA

Fusilier is a long recruit who stands out with her stature and by how hard she plays on the defensive end where she takes pride in getting down in a stance and stopping someone. She also sees the floor well and has an all-around offensive skill. As she gains strength and experience, her name will come up amongst college coaches.

Lauren Hassell (ESPNW No. 11)
Clarksville Christian (Tennessee) | Tennessee Sol

Hassell has an intriguing face-up forward game and has displayed the ability to shoot the ball from range with a nice feel for passing and creating for teammates as well. With a long and tall build, the potential to add strength in the near future is possible.

Eve Long (ESPNW No. 17)
Olathe South HS (Kansas) | Team Lex 3SSB

Long is another lengthy forward with speed who plays the game with an unending motor. She rebounds well out of her area, runs the floor, defends well, and is showing improvement in overall knowledge of the game and fundamental skills. With continued film study and fundamental reps, the future is bright.

De'Andra Minor (ESPNW No. 9)
Grind Prep (Oklahoma) | Pro Skills EYBL

Minor is a confident, long guard playing on a high level 16U team. She controls the game with her handle, slashes to the rim, and shows advanced anticipation defensively. As she gains strength and expands her shooting beyond the 3-point line with a bit of a higher release, she has a world of potential.