Stay? Go? How these players' NBA decisions would impact their college program

If both Andre Jackson Jr. (left) and Tristen Newton (right) return to UConn for 2023-24, could the Huskies have a chance to repeat as national champions? David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The men's college basketball offseason is filled with deadlines. There was the NBA draft early-entry deadline in late April, the closing of the undergraduate transfer portal last week and coming up is the NBA draft early-entry withdrawal deadline -- while still maintaining college eligibility -- May 31.

More than 170 college players filed their names as early-entry candidates into the 2023 NBA draft. That doesn't include the players without any remaining college eligibility, or the 48 international players hoping to be selected to an NBA roster June 22.

It doesn't take a calculus whiz to figure out that not all of those players will fit into a 58-player draft. As a result, we should see a deluge of players withdraw their names before the May 31 deadline -- some of whom will return for another season in college basketball.

Which programs are currently most impacted by their players' decisions to stay for another season or leave for another opportunity?

Purdue Boilermakers