What puts 2018's top rookies at the head of the class?

Just 19 years old, Juan Soto is already doing amazing things at the plate for the Nationals. Brad Mills/USA Today Sports

There's a pretty good chance that the best player to make his debut in 2018 will be Ronald Acuna Jr. If it's not him, it might easily be Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Or Fernando Tatis Jr. Let's hear it for bloodlines. These are some of the consensus best prospects in the world, and they might not have a whole lot left to prove in the minors. Acuna, in fact, is already in the bigs, albeit on the disabled list. He'll be returning in a short amount of time.

So, one angle would be to write about the best 2018 rookies, long term, but it's also akin to skimming from the top of different prospect lists. Instead, let's talk about the best 2018 rookie performances. These are not the 10 rookies or potential rookies of 2018 who I like the most, from now through the end of all their careers. Rather, these are the 10 rookies of 2018 whose performances have impressed me the most so far. Much of this is about performance level, but I also have to balance that against credit given for playing time. My apologies to players like Acuna, Adam Cimber, Jack Flaherty, Joey Lucchesi, Dan Winkler and so on.

Of course, players who do well right away are players who are improving their stocks. All of these rookies should look very encouraging, moving forward. This list is ranked, from No. 1 through No. 10. And note that, in addition to the names, I'll give you something about each player that allows him to stand out because of his skill set.