John from the Bronx: Blue Jays' Gibbons calls into radio show

Blue Jays manager John Gibbons, apparently feeling playful after Toronto's 7-1 win over the Yankees in New York, disguised his voice to call into the team's postgame radio show Monday night.

"First-time caller," Gibbons said from his office without giving his name. But he did ask the host: "Is it the same bozos every night?"

Smiling, Gibbons said the host inquired, "Is this John from the Bronx?"

Blue Jays Talk host Mike Wilner had challenged Gibbons' decision to start Luke Maile over Russell Martin at catcher Monday. Maile went 0-for-3 at the plate, but "John from the Bronx" still lauded the manager's call.

"I think it was great on Gibby's part there to catch that Maile," Gibbons said. "I thought that Maile did a great job. I heard you before the game, and what an expert you are, man, and I'm glad you were wrong once again."

Wilner tweeted that it took him a moment to realize who was on the line and called the moment "phenomenal."

Gibbons also tried to cash in on a promotion he heard about on the show.

"What about them free tickets up there if you call in?" Gibbons asked. "You said something about promising free tickets."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.