Bryce Harper wears Phillie Phanatic tribute suit liner for Opening Day

Miles Kennedy/Philadelphia Phillies

Bryce Harper likes to bring it with his fashion on Opening Day. Last year he sported bright green Phillie Phanatic cleats. This year, he turned up the formality.

The Philadelphia Phillies slugger, sporting a surfing-themed face mask and a man bun, rocked a forest green suit adorned with a pocket square, a thin chain, a white belt and white sneakers. As he approached a team photographer, Harper opened his jacket to reveal an inner lining featuring a collage of the iconic Phanatic.

Among the photos featured in the collage are the Phanatic goofing around with security officers, dancing on top of the dugout and dumping a bucket of popcorn on a fan.

The jacket also features multiple photos of Harper's Phanatic-inspired cleats from the 2019 opener. Harper now enters the second year of his 13-year, $330 million contract with the Phillies.