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  • Listen to the ESPNfootytips AFL podcast

    - ESPN Staff

    Join Matt Walsh, Niall Seewang, Jake Michaels and Christian Joly from Champion Data for some of the best analysis and insight on the ESPNfootytips AFL podcast.

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  • ESPN's Top 20 Must-Watch Players: 10-1

    - Niall Seewang, Jake Michaels and Matt Walsh

    Who are the players we can't wait to watch in action this season? Whether they be stars of the competition, guns returning from injury, traded players or top draftees, we've compiled a list of our 20 must-watch players. Here, we unveil those ranked 10-1

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  • JLT Series Review: How every club shapes up

    - Christopher Doerre

    Who will be your club's most impactful draftee, breakout contender and the player in line for a rebound season? Christopher Doerre assesses every team following this year's JLT series.

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  • 2017 AFL draft: Who are the real top 20?

    - Chris Doerre

    As he continues to assess the top 20 of recent drafts,'s Chris Doerre looks back at 2017 and gives a surprise top selection in hindsight.

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  • Like it or not, you should want your favourite players to take part in AFLX

    - Matt Walsh

    You might not have fully embraced the AFLX concept, but there's good reason to support your AFL club's players getting involved, writes Matt Walsh.

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  • 'Best 18': One player from every club

    The challenge: Pick a 'best 18' featuring only one player from every AFL club. The results? Check them out and vote on which team is strongest!

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  • Footy foresight: Fearless 2019 predictions

    With 2018 drawing to a festive close, we take a look at Australia's major football codes and make some bold predictions about next year.

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  • Photos: Australian Grand Finals

    The last week of September, if you're Australian, chances are you're watching the National Rugby League or Australian Football League grand finals.