Tulane football's 'cheapest beer' ad fires up social media

Tulane football took to X on Thursday to promote 2024 ticket sales, with their claim of the cheapest beer in college football setting off a frenzy of copycat claims across the sport. Tulane Football/X

It started with a simple graphic by the Tulane Green Wave's X account promoting 2024 season tickets.

According to the graphic, Tulane's Yulman Stadium in New Orleans is home to the "cheapest beer in college football." How could you hate that?

Other teams, however, took exception to the Green Wave's claim. In-state rival Louisiana quickly pointed out that it has an even cheaper option.

The feud started in the Bayou State, but quickly spread across the country. The Idaho Vandals didn't have a bead on where their beer would compare to some of their college football counterparts, but they amicably noted that it was available regardless at the team's iconic Kibbie Dome venue. Approximately 700 miles south, the BYU Cougars were quick to join the party, putting their own spin on stadium beverage advocacy.

But it wasn't just drinks teams were promoting. Mississippi State took the trend as an opportunity to show off its cheese -- the Bulldogs have their own brand of the dairy product, sold on campus as part of the university's MAFES (Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experimentation Station) program.

The Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors social media team got involved by staking its claim for the best spam musubi in the sport. Spam musubi is a dish native to the Hawaiian islands, and the Rainbow Warriors are likely the only team in college football to boast the confection. Bowling Green and New Mexico gave props to their stuffed breadsticks and green chile peppers, respectively.

Some teams opted to move their promotions away from concessions items entirely. Louisiana Tech's bulldog mascot often traverses campus in a remote-controlled Bugatti, a distinctive tradition that Tech's social media was quick to highlight (also noting that the Bulldogs' Ruston Stadium sells beer and funnel cakes).

How about physical stadium features? Few teams have a home venue quite like the Arkansas State Red Wolves. Centennial Bank Stadium houses a waterfall in the corner of the north end zone, an element the Red Wolves' social media team took the opportunity to point out.