Mainz player Jose Rodriguez apologises for Dominik Kohr injury

Mainz midfielder Jose Rodriguez has apologised to Augsburg's Dominik Kohr for the challenge that injured the Augsburg player in the final stages of a 3-1 Mainz win on Saturday.

Rodriguez was shown a straight red card five minutes into his Bundesliga debut for a dangerous tackle that looks set to rule Kohr out of action for some time.

"I am incredibly sorry that Dominik is injured and I have already apologised to him in person," Rodriguez said in a statement published on Mainz's Facebook page.

"I wanted to block the ball and help the team to preserve their lead.

"I wish him a good recovery from the bottom of my heart."

Augsburg's general manager Stefan Reuter said on Monday that Kohr's injury might not be as serious as feared, telling sport1.de: "The bone is intact, but muscles and tendons are affected.

"It's a deep wound right down to the bone. We can't say yet how long he will be out."