Ranking the top 25 MLB prospects who have been traded this offseason

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

A previously slow offseason has now picked up in large part to the trade market, so we're taking a look at the top MLB prospects who have moved in trades this winter.

Two teams, the Tampa Bay Rays with six players and Pittsburgh Pirates with nine, make up well over half of our 25-prospect list.

Tampa Bay is perpetually flipping more established, higher-paid players for prospects that are accruing value, with an efficiency that's been the envy of the league. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh in a full tear-down fire sale where they're mostly targeting quantity and quality from the lower minors, usually with a good bit of variance/upside while trading any player with an established big league track record.

Here are our the top 25 prospects who have changed teams this winter along with their future value (FV) on our 20-80 scale. Note that the Nolan Arenado trade is not included because no prospects included have been made official yet.