Three-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Kiper, Yates predict top 100 picks

Illustration by ESPN

We're now days away from the 2024 NFL draft, as 13 prospects have accepted invitations to attend Round 1 in Detroit on April 25. We have a pretty good idea who the Bears are taking at No. 1, but the top picks could get wild after that, including potential trades up the board for quarterbacks.

We asked NFL draft analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Field Yates to predict every pick from Days 1 and 2 of the draft, going through all 100 picks through the end of Round 3. They took turns making selections, alternating from Kiper's pick at No. 1 until Yates' pick at No. 100. Kiper has the odd numbers; Yates has the evens. They even cooked up a few projected trades.

One important note for this mock: Kiper and Yates based their picks on a combination of what they think each team will do and what they would do if they were playing general manager for all 32 teams. They used their personal rankings -- here are Kiper's, and here are Yates' -- to guide them, along with the latest they're hearing from talking to sources around the league.

Time to dig into our new mock draft, featuring a top-five trade. And check out the "SportsCenter Special: Mel & Field's Three-Round Mock Draft" to see Kiper and Yates talk through their selections.

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