What's wrong with the Baltimore Ravens' offense in 2020? The numbers that tell the real story

Schefter: NFL schedule is losing flexibility to adjust for COVID-19 (2:10)

Adam Schefter explains why adjusting the schedule for coronavirus issues is becoming increasingly difficult for the NFL and could prove troublesome for players such as Lamar Jackson. (2:10)

The 6-4 Baltimore Ravens' offense is stuck in the mud, and while we search high and low to figure out why, the answer might be the offseason retirement of a really good offensive guard.

After a 2019 season in which Baltimore had the NFL's best offense, leading the league in rushing by nearly 1,000 yards, scoring the most points per game (33.2) and with quarterback Lamar Jackson having the best Total QBR (83.0) on his way to winning MVP, the expectation was for more of the same and possibly better. This has not been the case. (And now Jackson has tested positive for COVID-19.)