Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts switches uniform to No. 1

What Eagles & Dolphins swapping picks means for Hurts, Tua (1:15)

Marcus Spears reacts to the Dolphins and Eagles swapping picks in the 2021 NFL draft. (1:15)

PHILADELPHIA -- Jalen Hurts and Carson Wentz won't be wearing the same jersey number this year after all.

The Philadelphia Eagles announced new player numbers Friday, including Hurts switching from No. 2 to No. 1 -- just like his status on the depth chart.

Hurts wore No. 1 at Oklahoma after wearing 2 in high school and at Alabama. The new number became available with the departure of punter Cam Johnston.

Wentz went from No. 11 to No. 2 after he was traded to the Indianapolis Colts. He reached out to receiver Michael Pittman about acquiring his old number, but Pittman wanted to keep it.

"I'm excited for a fresh start. No. 2 is really in the back of my mind, back of my heart, what I always wanted to be, so we're excited," Wentz said. "Hopefully people think I look good in 2; if not, who cares, my wife does. So that's all that matters."

In other Eagles jersey number news: quarterback Joe Flacco will wear No. 7, Javon Hargrave moved from 93 to 97, and newly arrived safety Anthony Harris will sport 28.