Ravens' Pepe Williams, Kyle Hamilton get spooked in Halloween haunted house

Spooky season is, indeed, upon us. If you're having trouble getting in the spirit (pardon our pun), you need look no further than this video of Baltimore Ravens rookies Damarion "Pepe" Williams and Kyle Hamilton's trip to Bennett's Curse Haunted House in Baltimore to know Halloween is on the horizon.

At the outset, the Ravens rookies seemed confident in their ability to withstand any eerie obstacles that might await them.

"I ain't worried about it," said Pepe before entering the haunted house.

But their demeanors changed not long into their fright-filled journey.

"Bruh, I'm real-life sweating," Hamilton can be heard saying as he makes his way past one of the ghouls in their path.

The cornerback and safety appear to regain their composure upon getting a feel for their adversaries' tendencies, exclaiming, "We saw that coming. We watch film! Film study, man. That really work."

Moments later, comedy ensues as the duo suffers their biggest scare of the day.

"That wasn't on the cut-up! That wasn't on the film," remarks a rattled Hamilton after another ghoul seemingly comes out of nowhere.

Haters might point out that the rookies' journey through the haunted house was no scarier than their team's recent performances in fourth quarters -- Baltimore squandered double-digit leads four times in their first six games -- but we'll just say Williams and Hamilton should do this every year.