College football bold predictions after three weeks bordering on chaos

Michigan runs rampant with 8 rushing TDs in win (2:09)

Michigan dominates Northern Illinois behind eight rushing touchdowns for huge win. (2:09)

We demanded chaos from the 2021 college football season, and it has begun to deliver. Almost 20 ranked teams have already lost in just three weeks, and even Alabama looked downright mortal against Florida. Even if you accept the premise that Bama and Georgia are the two best teams in the country, the discussion for No. 3 could involve up to about 15 teams.

It's certainly been a fun way to start the season, but let's demand even more. With three eventful weeks in the books, let's ponder where else this season could take us. Let's make some all-caps BOLD PREDICTIONS.

Granted, this is far more of a "Things that have a better chance of happening than you might think" list than a list of genuine predictions -- I hedge far too much for my predictions to ever be particularly bold -- but if a single one of these things actually happens, I will absolutely claim credit for having predicted it all the same. And if you didn't think the season was teetering on the edge of absurdity before reading this, you certainly might after. Let's dive in.

Two Big Ten teams will make the CFP ... and Ohio State won't be one of them

Back in the early days of Jim Harbaugh's time at Michigan, his Wolverines wouldn't just beat overmatched opponents, they would make examples of them. They allowed 14 points in a five-game stretch of blowouts early in 2015. They humiliated Hawaii, Rutgers and Maryland by a combined 200-6 in 2016. They've still seen some blowout wins since, but the edge, the outright willingness to offend, was not quite the same.